How to watch the NFL Draft: Where to live stream every round for free

How to watch the NFL Draft: Where to live stream every round for free

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The 2023 NFL Draft resumes tonight for the fourth to second and third-round from Kansas City, Missouri, with action set to begin at 7 p.m. ET. If you’re looking to watch the draft live to catch every pick, we’ve got you covered right through the weekend.

NFL Draft coverage will be provided by ESPN, ABC, and NFL Network on TV, and you can also live stream coverage on the free ad-supported NFL Channel. After tonight, you can see rounds four through seven tomorrow, albeit with the show starting much earlier at 12 p.m. ET.

NFL Draft live stream quick links

  • US TV broadcasts: ESPN, ABC, or NFL Network via Sling TV ($40 $20 for the first month)
  • Free US live streams: NFL Channel via NFL App, Pluto TV, Tubi, or Roku Channel
  • Watch from anywhere: Use ExpressVPN to access the free NFL Channel stream

How to watch the NFL Draft in the US

You can watch the NFL Draft on multiple TV channels, including ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. In addition, the NFL is also providing free streaming coverage of the NFL Draft through the NFL Channel on the NFL app.

The NFL Channel is an ad-supported streaming channel that’s available for free through the NFL App and via multiple partnered streaming platforms, including The Roku Channel, Peacock, Tubi, Pluto TV, Vizio WatchFree, and LG Channels.

All seven rounds of the NFL Draft will be streamed for free via the NFL Channel, but the live stream will feature different hosts and commentators than the TV broadcasts on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. The first round of the draft will also stream for free on YouTube.

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If you’d prefer to catch one of the TV broadcasts of the NFL Draft, you can tune into ABC for free with a digital antenna, or you can watch ESPN and NFL Network through a pay-TV provider. Cord-cutters can also use a live TV streaming service to access one or more of these channels.

Sling TV is the cheapest option to live stream the cable broadcasts of the NFL Draft. Sling’s Orange plan has ESPN, while Sling’s Blue plan has NFL Network. Both plans cost $40 a month, but new members get 50% off their first month.

What if you’re not in the US?

If you’re not in the US right now, you might be in a region that doesn’t have access to the free live stream of the NFL Draft. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for that with a VPN. A VPN will let you watch the NFL Channel’s free live stream of the NFL Draft no matter where you are, while also giving you a more secure internet connection.

Our pick for the best VPN service you can sign up for is ExpressVPN. New subscribers get a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more VPN recommendations, check out our full guide to the best VPN services.

How to watch the NFL Draft with a VPN

  • Sign up for a VPN if you don’t already have one.
  • Install it on the device you’re using to watch the NFL Draft.
  • Turn the VPN on and set it to any US location.
  • Open the NFL app or any streaming platform with the NFL Channel (Roku, Pluto TV, Tubi) to start streaming the NFL Draft for free.
  • NFL draft Round 2 and 3 coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET on April 28.
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2023 NFL draft schedule

2023 NFL Draft remaining order

Round 2

32. Pittsburgh Steelers (via trade with Chicago Bears)33. Arizona Cardinals (via trade with Houston Texans)34. Detroit Lions (via trade with Arizona Cardinals)35. Indianapolis Colts36. Los Angeles Rams37. Seattle Seahawks (via trade with Denver Broncos)38. Las Vegas Raiders39. Carolina Panthers40. New Orleans Saints41. Tennessee Titans42. Green Bay Packers (via trade with New York Jets via Cleveland Browns)43. New York Jets44. Atlanta Falcons45. Green Bay Packers46. New England Patriots47. Washington Commanders48. Detroit Lions49. Pittsburgh Steelers50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers51. Miami Dolphins52. Seattle Seahawks53. Chicago Bears (via trade with Baltimore Ravens)54. Los Angeles Chargers55. Detroit Lions (via trade with Minnesota Vikings)56. Jacksonville Jaguars57. New York Giants58. Dallas Cowboys59. Buffalo Bills60. Cincinnati Bengals61. Chicago Bears (via trade with Carolina Panthers via San Francisco 49ers)62. Philadelphia Eagles63. Kansas City Chiefs

Round 3

64. Chicago Bears65. Houston Texans66. Philadelphia Eagles (via trade with Arizona Cardinals)67. Denver Broncos (via trade with Indianapolis Colts)68. Denver Broncos69. Los Angeles Rams70. Las Vegas Raiders71. New Orleans Saints72. Tennessee Titans73. Houston Texans (via trade with Cleveland Browns)74. Cleveland Browns (via trade with New York Jets)75. Atlanta Falcons76. New England Patriots (via trade with Carolina Panthers)77. Los Angeles Rams (via trade with Miami Dolphins via New England Patriots)78. Green Bay Packers79. Indianapolis Colts (via trade with Washington Commanders)80. Pittsburgh Steelers81. Detroit Lions82. Tampa Bay Buccaneers83. Seattle Seahawks84. Miami Dolphins85. Los Angeles Chargers86. Baltimore Ravens87. Minnesota Vikings88. Jacksonville Jaguars89. New York Giants90. Dallas Cowboys91. Buffalo Bills92. Cincinnati Bengals93. Carolina Panthers (via trade with San Francisco 49ers)94. Arizona Cardinals (via trade with Philadelphia Eagles)95. Kansas City Chiefs96. Arizona Cardinals97. Washington Commanders98. Cleveland Browns99. San Francisco 49ers100. Las Vegas Raiders (via trade with New York Giants via Kansas City Chiefs)101. San Francisco 49ers102. San Francisco 49ers

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