Why Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner & more 2023 celebrity splits were written in the stars

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Every now and then, celebrities deliver the sad news that they are splitting, but 2023 seems to have a surprisingly high number of couples choosing to go their separate ways.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced the end of their “wonderful, loving marriage” in September, the same month that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas said it was a “united decision” to separate before getting involved in a lawsuit over their children. Meanwhile, Jodie Turner-Smith filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson and Meryl Streep shocked fans in October by revealing she split with Don Gummer six years ago.

So could there be a reason more and more stars seem to be unlucky in love? According to celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman, some celebrity splits may have been written in the stars. Take a look at why “easygoing signs have had a tough year in love,” and it’s largely thanks to Pluto, the planet of transformation.

“The shifts and changes of 2023 caused disruption in the love lives of normally calm and peaceful signs. Zodiac placements such as stable Taurus and humanitarian Aquarius felt it more than most,” said Inbaal on behalf of Spin Genie.

She said Pluto “has been going through a significant update which touches upon each and every person on Earth.” It supposedly left business-minded Capricorn, which previously saw individuals being motivated by economic hunger and greed, and entered Aquarius, shifting their focus to wellbeing which encompasses their relationships.

“Whole countries made decisions that benefitted them financially though not spiritually, and it was the showmance era, the paparazzi era, when appearances mattered more than substance,” she said of the last 20 years.

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“Pluto has been transitioning towards mindful Aquarius. When Pluto is in Aquarius we will see nations making the right choice for citizens, and individuals committing to their own wellbeing rather than just money and career.”

Pluto’s transition from Capricorn to Aquarius has caused “confusion” for previously stable couples.

“The dates of 23 March and 12 June were significant as the planet was bobbing between signs, as well as the periods of 1 May to 11 October when Pluto was in retrograde. During those times, couples who were very stable for a long time would suddenly discover that their politics are very different, that they support different national movements, and that they have widely differing stances on subjects from honesty to recycling,” the astrologer explained.

Hugh Jackman and Joshua Jackson are part of the “easygoing signs” who have fallen victim to these changes, which are set to settle down in 2024.

“A balanced Libra like Hugh Jackman would ordinarily hate big life changes, but this year’s astrology claimed his long marriage. The same goes for patient Cancerian Meryl Streep.

“Another quiet Cancer is Chloe Madeley who has reportedly become single again, which she is embracing with confidence. Even good-natured Gemini Joshua Jackson is on his own again,” continued Inbaal.

For those who share the same star signs as these celebrities, fear not, this does not necessarily mean you’re in for heartbreak. In fact, there should be more stability for the next two decades!

Inbaal concluded: “Easygoing signs have had a tough year in love, but thankfully Pluto is due to stabilise in calm Aquarius from 20 January 2024, with only one final dip into Capricorn in the autumn of 2024, then it remains there till 2043.

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“This will hopefully return peace to the hearts and homes of chilled-out zodiac signs the world over.”

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