Recently Listed IPOs

Recently Listed IPOs

What are the Recently Listed IPOs?

The term recently listed IPO is used for IPOs which have been listed in stock exchanges like BSE and/or NSE.

An IPO goes through several stages before being listed. IPO listing comes after the bidding period comes to an end and the shares have been allotted to the successful investors. An IPO can list at a premium (higher than the issue price) or at a discount (lower than the issue price).

What Happens When IPO is Listed?

IPO listing refers to the process of making a company’s shares available for trading in the stock market. When an IPO lists, traders and investors can buy or sell shares. The listing of an IPO also provides IPO investors with the opportunity to exit with a profit or book their losses.

How recently listed IPO’s share price is discovered on listing day?

On a fresh IPO’s listing day, price discovery session or what is called as ‘Call auction’ is conducted.

This session is usually for an hour before the regular trading starts. The weighted average price in that session becomes the base on which the circuit filter is calculated when regular trading starts on day 1 of IPO listing.

As per SEBI guidelines, there are no limits for price discovery in price discovery session. But the exchanges apply an operating range of 75% during the price discovery session. This is to ensure that a few random bids do not twist the process. If there is heavy demand at the upper end of the 75% operating range, BSE and NSE officials jointly decide to relax the ceiling. However, if demand is not as heavy, the 75 percent ceiling stays.

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What is Listing Gain?

Listing gain is the reason why investors invest in IPOs. Simply put, listing gain refers to the opening price of a recently listed IPO minus the cut-off price at the time of the IPO. For example, if the cut-off price was INR 100 and the stock listed opened at INR 120, the listing gain will be INR 20.

Can I sell IPO shares on listing day?

Yes, trading of IPO shares starts with the market opening time on listing date. Once price discovery is complete, trading begins for IPO shares and thereafter you can freely purchase or sell fresh IPO shares. Selling IPO shares is quite similar to how you sell any holding on 5paisa. Login to 5paisa mobile app or website and place a sell order for your IPO shares, you can choose to place market order or limit order as per preference.

IPO Performance

IPO performance is how a stock performs vis-a-vis its promotion by investment banks. Some IPOs are overhyped and list at a lower price than the cut-off price set for the IPO. However, generally, IPOs list at a premium because investors flock it on the first day for pocketing short-term gains.

How to Check IPO performance

5paisa offers a comprehensive review of recently listed, current, upcoming, and closed IPOs. On the Current IPO page, you will find details and the subscription status of the IPOs that are open for subscriptions. Visit the Upcoming IPO page to find all details of the upcoming IPOs and get the DRHPs. And the closed IPO page provides you with accurate insights into the IPOs that are not accepting subscriptions anymore.

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