How Old Is Britney Spears Now and Is "Princess of Pop" Dead or Alive? – SCP Magazine

How Old Is Britney Spears Now and Is "Princess of Pop" Dead or Alive? – SCP Magazine

Britney Spears is a singer, dancer, and songwriter. She earned the moniker “Princess of Pop” for reviving the adolescent pop genre in the early 2000s. She sold nearly 70 million records in the United States alone, making her a huge success in the mainstream music industry and unquestionably an icon.

She was already releasing excellent albums while still in her teenage years, such as “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! Later, she began portraying a more obscene persona in albums like “Britney” and “In the Zone.”

Spears released more number-one albums throughout time. There is a lot to discuss about her life and career. So read on to learn more about the Princess of Pop! Read the post to learn more about Britney Spears’ current age and whether she is still alive or dead.

How Old Is Britney Spears Now?

Britney Spears, an American singer who is currently 41 years old and was born on December 2, 1981, in Mccomb, Mississippi, helped to popularize the teen-pop genre in the late 1990s. Spears continued to perform and release music despite being the subject of intense public scrutiny for her turbulent personal life.

She was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, where she started performing in talent contests at an early age. She gave an audition for Disney’s The All-New Mickey Mouse Club when she was eight years old, but she was initially rejected because of her age.

Where Is Britney Spears Now?

The father of Britney Spears, Jamie Spears, has spoken up for the first time in more than a decade. He recently made comments regarding the 13-year conservatorship of his daughter, which was terminated more than a year ago.

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How Old Is Britney Spears Now

He openly discussed the court decision and defended his position during the interview. He continued by saying that he doubts Britney would have survived without it. Britney and her husband, the model Sam Asghari, currently live in Los Angeles.

The couple announced they were expecting their first child in April, but regrettably, Britney revealed she had a miscarriage the following month. Jayden and Preston, two sons she shared with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, are also hers.

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Is Britney Spears Still Alive or Not?

On Monday, there was a scam on social media claiming that Britney Spears, an American pop star, had passed away. Two tweets concerning the bogus news were posted on the purportedly hacked Sony Music Twitter account. Tweets were swiftly removed. But Spears’s agent told CNN that she was alive and well and that Sony Music’s account had been hacked.

Before they discovered it was false, at least one media outlet picked up the prank. The incident is thought to be related to a group known as OurMine, which has been connected to prior breaches of well-known people and organizations’ Twitter accounts.

Professional Career of Britney Spears

James “Jamie” Parnell Spears and Lynne Irene Bridges welcomed Britney Jean Spears into the world as their second child on December 2, 1981, in McComb, Mississippi. Bryan James Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears are her two siblings. Spears declared her conversion to Catholicism in August 2021, joining her mother, sister, and nieces in the faith.

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She was christened as a Southern Baptist and participated in a church choir as a child despite being born in the Bible Belt, where conservative evangelical Protestantism is common. She afterward studied the teachings of the Kabbalah.

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However, she publicly declared that she no longer believes in God owing to the way her family has treated her and labeled her as an atheist in September 2022, after her ex-husband Kevin Federline and youngest son defended her father’s behavior during her conservatorship in an interview.