TPC Sawgrass – THE PLAYERS Stadium Course

TPC Sawgrass – THE PLAYERS Stadium Course

Out of the 95 golf courses I have played, TPC Sawgrass is by far the best and most fun I have ever had during a round of golf.

It all starts with the drive into the property with the huge clubhouse there to greet you. They give you a TPC Sawgrass flag when playing here and have a lot of good stuff for sale in the pro shop.

The practice range is the best practice facility I have ever been to. It has a replica 17th green (without water) and an abundance of options to help you prepare for the round.

The course is so good. I got to play in August when there weren’t any grandstands up, all the rye from the spring overseed had died and they hadn’t started overseeding for the next year yet. So conditions were perfect Bermuda all around. The course was pretty firm when I played and the greens were very fast.

In terms of favorite holes, obviously 16, 17, 18 are the main event and they certainly lived up to the hype. I think I could only play those 3 holes for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Other than that, 4 is my favorite hole on the front 9. It is a short par four with a terrifying approach over water to a well guarded green. My other favorite hole on the front is #9, which is a long, but reachable double dogleg par 5. On the back, I really enjoyed #11, another long but reachable par 5 with an exhilarating approach shot.

Lets talk about 16, 17, 18. When you come around the corner off 15 green and see the big lake surrounding 16 and 17 green, you immediately get chills. Uncontrollable adrenaline flows through your body on every shot from 16 tee through the end of your round. 16 is the best par 5 I have ever played, 17 needs no introduction and 18 is the scariest tee shot I have ever hit. Lucky for me, I played the 3 holes in +1.

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I know that it is expensive, and expect the round to take at a minimum 5 hours, but it doesn’t feel that long at all .It is well worth the money to play once, just to say you have played the famous 17th where some of the biggest moments in the sport have happened.