What is the Wingspan of Jalen Brunson?

What is the Wingspan of Jalen Brunson?
Jalen Brunson

A wingspan is a term used in the sports industry to describe the measurement of a player’s arm span from fingertip to fingertip. In basketball, the wingspan plays a vital role in determining a player’s defensive abilities and shooting range.

There exist countless in the NBA where players, particularly point guards in this case have been exceptional in their performances and also in utilizing their key attributes such as wingspan to their advantage. One such individual is NY Knicks Point Guard, Jalen Brunson.

Jalen Brunson’s Wingspan

Jalen Brunson, who plays for the New York Knicks as their point guard, has a wingspan of 6’4″, which is impressive for his position. Though he stands at only 6 feet tall, his long arms give him great reach on defense and allow him to contest shots more effectively. Moreover, having longer arms gives Brunson more space when dribbling and passing the ball around defenders.

Benefits of having a decent Wingspan for Point Guards

The importance of having a decent wingspan for point guards cannot be overemphasized as it can significantly impact their performance on both ends of the court. Defensively speaking, longer arms increase their ability to deflect passes or steal balls while simultaneously limiting shooting opportunities created by opponents.

Players with long arms can disrupt opposing offenses by affecting passing lanes without fouling or compromising their positioning on defense. On offense, they have better control over the ball during drives into traffic because they can keep defenders further away from them while also extending themselves beyond help defenders who might try blocking layups or jumpers.

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Notably, Jalen Brunson has been able to use his lengthy wingspan effectively throughout his career so far despite not being known for the athleticism that often dominates NBA discussions today. He brings finesse and Basketball IQ onto the court allowing him to utilize every inch advantage given by his natural attributes appropriately.

Comparing Jalen Brunson’s Wingspan with other Point Guards

Jalen Brunson

When looking at current players listed as point guards who played in the NBA, Jalen Brunson ranks towards the bottom of the list with a wingspan of just 6’3″. This puts him below average compared to many other players in his position.

For example, some notable point guards with longer wingspans include Ben Simmons (7′). Lonzo Ball (6’9″), De’Aaron Fox (6’6″) and Damian Lillard (6’8″). These players have several inches more reach than Brunson which could give them advantages on defense or grabbing rebounds.

However, it’s important not to discount Brunson’s abilities based solely on his shorter wingspan. He has proven himself as a tenacious defender despite being undersized for his position. He averaged nearly one steal per game during the 2020-2021 season.

Additionally, several successful NBA point guards also have shorter-than-average wingspans such as Chris Paul (6’4”) and Kyle Lowry(6’2”). Thus proving that while having long arms might help in certain aspects of playstyle, it’s not necessarily indicative of overall success or skill level.

Overall, Jalen Brunson’s wingspan may not be the longest among NBA point guards, but it doesn’t seem to hold him back on the court. He has proven himself a valuable asset to the Dallas Mavericks and will continue to do so with his impressive skill set, despite having short arms compared to some of his peers.