Everything we know about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s alleged break up

Everything we know about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s alleged break up

Last year we reported that “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner was jonesing to return home to her native UK, and that she wanted to convince hubby Joe Jonas on the idea, raising their two kids in the idyllic British countryside. Speaking with ELLE UK, she said she needed to go back home for her mental health, and because she wanted her children to receive a British education and upbringing.

Now, TMZ is following up on that story, reporting that the Jonas Brothers singer and “The Staircase” actress have split up after four years of marriage.

The tabloid outlet spoke with their sources who claim that Joe is on the “cusp” of filing divorce docs at the LA courthouse, and that the pair have been rocky for at least six months now. Sophie has been back in her native UK lately, as she took a job acting in the ITV drama “Joan,” and TMZ reports that due to her absence, Joe has been rearing the children “pretty much all the time” despite him being on tour with the band.

The outlet also reported several sightings of Joe not wearing his wedding ring.

Well it would seem Joe is not taking these rumours lying down, and neither are the couple’s fans, who were quick to call out the spurious nature of the report, and the inherent sexism therein.

On Monday, Joe posted a photo of himself to his official Instagram wearing his wedding ring, with no caption. One fan commented on the post, “Y’all really made this man post a singular picture of himself wearing his ring because of rumors going around the internet lmao.” Another said, “he really said: here’s the ring. now shut up.”

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On social media, fans decried the wording and reasoning in the TMZ article for the split, noting that Joe caring for his children “pretty much all the time” isn’t a bad thing, after all, he’s their parent.

While the debate rages on, neither Joe nor Sophie have rushed to social media to confirm or deny the rumours, and this has left some fans, including Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard, to prepare for the worst 2023 news.

We will be interested to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.