Everything Jonathan Majors Has Been Dropped From

Everything Jonathan Majors Has Been Dropped From
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Studios and brands have been cutting ties with Jonathan Majors since his arrest for alleged domestic assault in March. Despite reps from Majors standing their ground that the he “has done nothing wrong,” a jury convicted the actor on two domestic-violence charges December 18, finding him guilty of misdemeanor assault and harassment. His career gained momentum over the past year, with Majors starring in Creed III and becoming Marvel’s main villain in both Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and season two of Loki, but his future success appears uncertain. From the people behind the scenes to ad campaigns to his Disney bag, below, all the opportunities and collaborations Majors has lost following his domestic-violence dispute.

Film and television roles

Marvel Studios fired Majors on December 18, the same day a jury found him guilty on two domestic-violence charges. The actor was set to play Kang, the leading antagonist in the MCU’s next phase of superhero tales. Filmed months before his arrest, Loki season two aired in October with Majors in a prominent role. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2025), billed as an epic conclusion to Marvel’s multiverse saga, was headed to production early next year. Now, the future of that film — and the MCU in general — is not going to plan.

Magazine Dreams, the bodybuilding drama he received early praise for at Sundance, was removed from the theatrical-release calendar, per The Hollywood Reporter, on October 27 in a move unrelated to the actors strike.

Several projects in development dropped Majors from their cast. According to Deadline on April 20, the actor will no longer star in the film adaptation of the Walter Mosley novel The Man in My Basement or be considered for the unannounced Fifth Season’s Otis Redding biopic, Otis and Zelma. He was also announced as a part of Spike Lee’s Da Understudy, but there have been no further updates on that film since March 7, 2023. Variety revealed in September 2022 that Majors was in “early talks” to play Dennis Rodman in Lionsgate’s 48 Hours in Vegas, though there have been no updates on that film either.

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His management team

Majors was reportedly dropped from his management team at Entertainment 360 and his PR team at the Lede Company. Majors continues to be represented by WME. According to an April 19 Variety story, his lawyer’s husband is currently acting as crisis PR.

Brand deals

Within the first week after Majors’s arrest, the U.S. Army postponed a campaign featuring Majors. MLB’s Texas Rangers have removed Majors from their 2023 season ad campaign that was reportedly set to debut on Friday. As for already-announced endeavors, Valentino and Majors have also “mutually agreed” that the actor will no longer attend this year’s Met Gala, Deadline reported.


Variety reports that Majors is stepping down from the Gotham Film and Media Institute board and its Sidney Poitier Initiative.

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