If Justin Bieber Had Different Eye Color, How Will He Look Like? – Billionaire Beauties

If Justin Bieber Had Different Eye Color, How Will He Look Like? – Billionaire Beauties

Can you imagine… the stud Justin bieber with a different eye color…?

HOLD ON, before you go on sharing all your hate comments on us about us wanting him to change… STOP IT RIGHT NOW, JUST NO.

Let me just say this. He is definitely HOT regardless and no we don’t wish he had a different eye color…. thought I’d let you in that I’m a major Belieber too. (better believe it)

But you know… I’m the curious kind of Belieber.. not the one that wonders how it would be like if we ever hooked up (I pray for that day lol) love you JB…

Anywho… enough of me daydreaming and grossing you out (or maybe not?)

I’ve personally .. ALWAYS wanted to know how different he’d actually look like with a different eye color?

Ok, for you Justin bieber’s fans aka Beliebers.. Let me ask you a question..

(and be honest)

Do you know what his actual real color eyes is??? (no cheating or going into google.)

Just think about it.

So while you go and ponder.. let us entice you with some sexy new set of eyes to our beloved Justin Beiber (i love you JB, I hope you get to see this blog post lol although I might sound like a creep daydreaming about your eyes, but oh wells! you get the intention lol)……………………………….. (below and behold *drum rolls*)


What is Justin Bieber’s natural eye color? Brown eyes? Blue eyes? Or Grey eyes?

The blue eyes in this you can achieve this look with our Otaku Honeymoon Ocean.

  Justin Bieber cắt đứt quan hệ với Kanye West vì tấn công vợ trên mạng xã hội

Not sure why, but I think he looks quite cool with grey eyes!!! What are your thoughts?

His copper hair looks good with the hazel eyes though, similar to our Solotica Hidrocor Avela.

The blonde hair goes so well with the Grey eyes right?

(seriously though omg I’m drooling..)

The grey eyes here is similar to our Otaku Passion Pearl Color ……

What a cutie!!! This is my personal favorite.. I don’t know why the blue looks so natural on him…? Do you agree?

The blue eyes here you can achieve this color with Solotica Hidrocor Marine.

(not sure what this hand gesture means but cool beans!!! maybe COME HERE?)

what’s your fav look on him? Left – Brown/Hazel? Middle – Blue? or Right – Grey?

and that’s it ladies… and if there is some gentleman reading this too… hello to you 😉

Bye for now, and have a lovely festive season!!!

Til then…. dreaming about you Justin Bieber <3