Kathy Griffin shocks fans with dramatically swollen lips after tattoo procedure: It’s ‘giving Kylie Jenner’

Video kathy griffin plastic surgery

Kathy Griffin showed off her dramatically swollen lips after getting them tattooed last month during a cosmetic procedure called “blushing.”

“I’m f—ked, look at me,” the comedian said to friend Kristen Johnston in a video posted to YouTube Thursday that documented the process.

In disbelief, Johnston laughed as she asked if Griffin’s lips were “real.”

“What did you do?” the actress rhetorically wondered.

In early July, Griffin, 62, underwent the procedure called “blushing,” which adds a semi-permanent tint of color to the lips.

But she gave fans and friends a big surprise when she revealed just how swollen they were afterward.

“Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable,” the former “Fashion Police” star said to the camera.

Kathy Griffin showed off her swollen lips after getting them tattooed. Kathy Griffin/youtube

“I don’t think anybody will be able to tell,” she added with a chuckle.

Griffin’s husband, Randy Bick, also let out an audible “s—t” when he saw the aftermath of the procedure.

“It’s a little swollen!” she exclaimed to her husband.

The stand-up comedian detailed the process in a video posted to YouTube. Kathy Griffin/youtube
Griffin underwent a cosmetic procedure called “lip blushing.” Kathy Griffin/youtube

While the results initially gave her loved ones a shock, Griffin also shared photos of her lips after the swelling went down, revealing a subtle pink tint to her lipstick-free pout.

Fans of the comedian took to the comment section to share their amusement over her beauty makeover.

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“The final result is great, but holy s—t Kath,” one person wrote, adding, “that first shot is giving Kylie Jenner.”

“Thank you for the much needed laughter as always.”

She joked her lips might be “a little swollen” after revealing the results to her husband. Kathy Griffin/youtube

Another user wrote, “The end result looks great but the immediate swelling made me go ‘Yikes!’”

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A third joked that they would have opted to “wear a mask” until the swelling went down.

All in all, Griffin’s fans seemed pleased to see the “My Life on the D-List” alum in high spirits following a series of health complications.

After the swelling went down, Griffin shared a photo of the subtle wash of color on her lips from the tattooing. Kathy Griffin/youtube

In 2021, the stand-up comedian had part of her lung removed after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She shared four months after the procedure that she was cancer-free.

In a video posted to TikTok in June, Griffin also detailed having surgery on her vocal cords after going under the knife for lung cancer.

“This is just part of my recovery post-lung cancer surgery,” she said in the video. “I’m cancer-free, so anyway a little scratchy today, but I’ll be in good shape.”