Kevin Durant makes hilarious admission after working out with Aaron Rodgers – “I’m a JetMander fan”

Kevin Durant makes hilarious admission after working out with Aaron Rodgers – “I’m a JetMander fan”
Video kd and aaron rodgers

Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant recently shared a picture with Aaron Rodgers on his Instagram account. It seemed like the duo worked out together on a basketball court, and Durant made an amusing revelation after it.

The Suns forward is a diehard Washington Commanders fan but he is now supposedly rooting for two teams in the NFL.

Here’s what KD wrote while sharing his picture with Rodgers:

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Kevin Durant

Durant was recently heavily criticized by NBA fans after the Phoenix Suns acquired Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards. However, the two-time NBA champion likely isn’t bothered by the criticism.

KD is from Washington, and in two days’ time, he was able to hurt the feelings of two of the city’s sports teams. However, he did display his love for New York from his time in Brooklyn by stating that he will also cheer for the New York Jets next season.

Kevin Durant and Aaron Rodgers are under pressure to win championships for their teams

Kevin Durant: Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets - Game Two

Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns were knocked out in the second round of the playoffs last season by the Denver Nuggets, spelling a disappointing end to their season. On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers failed to even make the playoffs last season.

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Rodgers is now on a Jet, and he is now under pressure to deliver a Super Bowl for the franchise. The story is similar for Durant, whose team is also a championship contender, and anything less than a title will be deemed as a failure for them.

Both KD and Rodgers are among the greatest talents that their respective sports have ever seen, but many feel like they have underachieved in winning titles. Rodgers has only won one Super Bowl. Durant, on the other hand, has won two championships in his career, but he has never been the leader or the ‘bus driver’ of a team that won a championship.

Both Rodgers’ and Durant’s legacies will be massively boosted if they are able to win a championship for their new teams. Will they be able to? Only time will tell.

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