Tom Cruise Tells King Charles ‘You Can Be My Wingman’ at Coronation Concert

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Tom Cruise invited King Charles III to be his wingman during a concert thrown in honor of the new monarch at Windsor Castle.

In a pre-recorded segment titled “Did you know?” – which played just before Lionel Richie took the stage at the Windsor Castle concert – former 007 Pierce Brosnan revealed that the King “was the longest serving Prince of Wales for over 64 years.” (Before acceding to the throne last September Charles’s title was the Prince of Wales, which has now passed to his eldest son Prince William).

“During that time the King developed a host of action man skills,” Brosnan continued. “At 22 years old His Majesty got his wings as a fully trained RAF pilot.”

The VT then cut to adventurer Bear Grylls who added: “He’s also a naval aviator and a trained commando helicopter pilot in the fleet air army.”

The next shot was of Tom Cruise piloting a fighter plane, saying: “Pilot to pilot, Your Majesty, you can be my wingman any time.”

It’s not the first time Cruise has been involved in a royal event. He was a guest at the funeral of Charles’s first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997 alongside his then-wife Nicole Kidman. (He was said to be a “close friend” of the princess after meeting her at the London premiere of his and Kidman’s romantic drama “Far and Away” in 1992.) And last year William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales attended the London premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” with Cruise breaking royal protocol by escorting Catherine by the hand up the stairs and into the venue.

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Sunday’s coronation concert, which was hosted by “Downton Abbey” star Hugh Bonneville, saw 20,000 guests invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle to celebrate the King’s coronation, which took place on Saturday (May 6). As well as members of the public, the audience included the newly crowned King and his wife Queen Camilla, as well as William and Catherine, their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and other members of the royal family.

Other celebrity faces at the coronation concert included Hugh Jackman – who also appeared in a pre-recorded VT to invite the King to the set of “Deadpool 3” which is shooting in the U.K. this summer – and upcoming Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa, who performed a scene from “Romeo and Juliet” live on stage alongside “My Neighbour Totoro” star Mei Mac.