Grape Japan

Grape Japan

The doughnut pushers at Krispy Kreme Japan never pass up on the chance to celebrate with limited time only offerings. They have yearly releases for Halloween, Christmas, and plenty of other occasions, and if you’ve ever spent Valentine’s Day in Japan, you will know it’s one massive chocolate-gifting session. So it surely follows that any seasonal doughnuts released for Valentine’s Day will be a chocoholic’s dream, and Krispy Kreme seem set to make that dream come true in 2023.

Their Valentine’s Day lineup has been revealed, and it is more chocolatey than ever before, including six luxurious doughnuts.

Perhaps the most romantic of them all is the ‘Fondant Chocolat Heart’, which holds chocolate cream inside and is decorated with milky white chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.

The ‘Chocolate Tart’ doughnut puts some of a tart’s crispy texture into doughnut form, with a choco crunch topping and biscuit pieces hiding inside along with a smooth chocolate filling.

The ‘Nama Choco Ring’ is an extra rich take on the chocolate doughnut, which takes inspiration from a Japanese treat called ‘nama choco’. It’s similar to chocolate truffles and is a heady mix of rich chocolate and fresh cream. The chocolate version has plenty of cocoa powder and an elegant chocolate ‘baton’ as decoration.

Next up is the ‘Strawberry and Chocolate’ which features, you guessed it, strawberry and chocolate. The chocolate flavoured ring doughnut base is filled with strawberry nappage, and decorated with strawberry and blueberry for some flair.

Krispy Kreme are also releasing a ‘chocolate cake’ inspired version of their classic ‘Old Fashioned’. Instead of the usual doughnut dough, they have used a doughnut base which is closer to a cake texture, and it is topped with a chocolate coating and chocolate shavings.

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Lastly, the ‘Choco & Choco Custard Heart’ has a simple and cute heart shape, and a rich custard filling made with Hokkaido-sourced milk.

These treats can be bought individually, or in variously sized sets, perfect for a romantic night in.

They will appear in Krispy Kreme branches all over Japan from 18th January 2023, and stick around until early March.