Kentucky ( KY ) Lottery Results

After a vote conducted in the November of 1988, the inception of the Kentucky Lottery happened with a 60% of the voters casting their votes in favor of KY Lottery establishment. KY Lottery began in the April of 1989 with its first ticket being sold on April 4, 1989. The two very first games played were Beginner’s Luck and Kentucky Derby Dreamstakes with the price tags of $1 and $2 respectively. The Kentucky Lottery features a wide range of games. Instant games comprise of both scratch off and pull tab games. The scratch-off games usually cost $1 to $2 with a winning odds range of 1:4 to 1:5.

The money received from the overall sales of the Kentucky Lottery goes to different charity activities. Kentucky Lottery is dedicated to provide high-quality lottery games to the players and generate revenue for the state. 63% of the revenue goes to the players in the form of rewards and prizes. 5% of the generated income goes to the administration staff who’s responsible for the proper functioning of the KY Lottery. 6% of the revenues goes to the retailers of the Kentucky Lottery. While the second largest portion, 26% is contributed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Since its inception in 1989, Kentucky Lottery has contributed over $4.6 billion dollars to the state. Almost $1.8 billion is contributed to the state’s general fund and the SEEK educational program. $2.8 billion is contributed to various grant and scholarship programs.

In-house draw games offered by the KY Lottery:

KY lottery currently offers a wide set of in-house draw games. Some of them are very exciting and entertaining to play.

  • Pick 3
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This game is drawn 13 times a week with a chance of fifty cent bet winning up to $300. The game is drawn twice a day from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, it is only drawn once.

  • Pick 4

A very similar game to the Pick 3, the infamous Pick 4 is played by a lot of lottery players.

  • Cash Ball

Kentucky Cash ball is a widely popular game that is drawn on every day in a week except Sundays. This game is played in the 4+1 matrix style. The player needs to pick four Kentucky Lottery winning numbers from the range of 1 through 33. The player has the option to either choose two games for $1 with a top prize of $100,000 or one game for $1 with a top prize of $200,000.

  • 5 Card Cash

On February 10, 2012, the final 3 Line KY Lotto was drawn. It was then replaced by the 5 Card Cash which is a poker-themed game. Kentucky Lotto results are announced instantly once the draw procedure is completed.

KY lottery also offers different types of multi-jurisdictional games such as Kentucky Mega millions, Kentucky Powerball, and Lucky for Life.


Q – Where can I claim my prize, if my ticket is among the KY lottery results?

A – Prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any KY Lottery retailer. Prizes up to $5,000 must be claimed at authorized cashing agents or the regional office. Prizes ranging between $5,000 and $99,999 can be claimed at the Lexington regional office or the KY Lottery headquarters. Prizes that are above $99,999 may be claimed at the Kentucky Lottery headquarters.

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Q – What happens to the unclaimed Kentucky lotter prizes?

A – The unclaimed Kentucky lotter prize money goes to the KEES, an educational organization dedicated to the welfare of education in Kentucky.

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