Kyler Murray Madden 22 Rating and best MUT 22 cards

Kyler Murray Madden 22 Rating and best MUT 22 cards
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There have been quite a few changes to the Madden 22 rating for Kyler Murray and his performance in the playoffs could adjust it even more.

A great showing could see him rise while a poor one could see a negative impact. He could also be looking at a pretty incredible MUT 22 card as well.

Let’s go over his current Madden 22 rating and the best available MUT 22 cards for Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray Madden 22 Rating – 88 OVR (QB) – Arizona Cardinals

As one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league, we’re surprised Murray’s Madden 22 rating isn’t higher. However, he’s had quite the increase during the course of the season.

At the launch of Madden 22, Kyler Murray had an 82 OVR rating and has worked his way to an 88 OVR. Perhaps in tonight’s game, Murray can increase his Madden 22 rating again.

With the effort Kyler Murray has put into increasing his Madden 22 rating, he’s been able to accrue some pretty great MUT 22 cards as well.

Let’s check out the best Kyler Murray Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards that you can add to your lineup today!

Best MUT 22 Cards: Kyler Murray – Quarterback

There are a few Kyler Murray cards worth having on your MUT 22 lineup, one of which you might have to spend some serious Training Points to get. The card below is his highest Madden 22 rating card.

The best card period is the Zero Chill 95 OVR Kyler Murray. This card can do anything, scramble out of the pocket with 94 SPD or throw bombs downfield with 94 THP.

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As we said above, this card is going for quite a bit at the Auction House. Currently, you can get the Zero Chill 95 OVR Kyler Murray for around 250K. His performance and Madden 22 rating directly influenced the price of this card.

Second-best Kyler Murray card – TOTW

If you’re looking for a better bang for your buck, we’d suggest grabbing the Team of the Week 87 OVR Kyler Murray. He’s got above-average speed (86) and throw power (87).

He’s also going for much less at the Auction House right now at 16.3K. If you’re just starting with your MUT 22 lineup, he’s a good pick for his Madden 22 rating and price.

If you can save up, or outright purchase one of these cards, we’d select the Zero Chill MUT 22 Kyler Murray card. For more Madden 22 ratings, follow this link!

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