Kyler Murray robs Josh Jacobs of Offensive Rookie of the Year award

Kyler Murray robs Josh Jacobs of Offensive Rookie of the Year award

I have 19 articles left. I didn’t even want to write this one because I’m still pretty livid and unfortunately, not surprised. Yet, even though I’m not surprised, I still can’t believe that Kyler Murray won Offensive Rookie of the Year over Josh Jacobs.

Murray got 26.5 votes, while Jacobs had 13 votes. It’s a real thing that Murray had double the votes as Jacobs. So let’s take a look at the reasoning:

Murray also joined Newton as the only QBs with 3,500-plus pass yards and 500-plus rush yards in their rookie seasons in NFL history.

Murray led all rookies in completions (349) and passing yards (3,722) this season. His 349 completions were the third-most by a rookie in NFL history (only Carson Wentz — 379 in 2016 — and Sam Bradford — 354 in 2010 — had more).

Murray finished with a 64.4 percent completion percentage, 6.9 yards per attempt, 20 touchdowns to 12 interceptions, and an 87.4 passer rating in 16 starts, despite battling a hamstring injury down the stretch of the season. He also added 544 rushing yards and four running scores with two lost fumbles.

The rookie’s dazzling play was equally impressive behind an offensive line that struggled at times. Murray was sacked 48 times, tied for most in the NFL with Matt Ryan. That number could have been higher if not for the young QB’s quick trigger and improved escape ability as the season wore on.

Instead of having to compare Jacobs to his fellow rookies, let’s compare Josh Jacobs to all other running backs.

  • Jacobs finished 8th overall in rushing yards while being tied for 13th overall in rushing attempts;
  • averaged 4.8 yards per carry;
  • was 3rd overall in total rushing yards averaged per game;
  • tied for 14th in rushing touchdowns; and
  • tied for 5th in rushes over 20+ yards;
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I didn’t have to build up Jacobs by comparing him to his fellow rookie running backs, who he completely blew out of the water. Cyril is probably going to edit my language, but this is total bullshit. It makes you wonder what the 26.5 clowns were watching. And yes I’m calling all of them clowns. I’d say it to their faces if I was given the chance, and I’d say much, much worse things than the word clown. I’m not even being a Raiders fan here, I’m just being a football fan. I don’t feel as strongly about Nick Bosa. You kind of knew it was coming even though Maxx Crosby and Bosa’s numbers were similar.

BD made the best point during one of our roundtables earlier this year. Could you imagine this offensive without Josh Jacobs? There was a clear difference in this offense when he was on the field versus when he was off.

On the bright side, Jacobs and Crosby became the second pair of rookie teammates to finish top 2 in both ROY categories in the past 15 seasons. Sooner or later, the NFL will have to stop spurning Raider players for awards.