QB Kyler Murray officially measured at 5-10 at NFL scouting combine

QB Kyler Murray officially measured at 5-10 at NFL scouting combine

INDIANAPOLIS – Arguably the most speculated set of physical measurements in the history of the NFL draft is officially in the books. And as it turns out, Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray stacks up well with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, another short stature NFL quarterback who challenged the league’s “prototype” mold.

Murray’s official height: 5-foot-10 and 1/8th.

His weight: 207 pounds.

His hand size: 9 1/2 inches.

All in all, those were considered positive numbers Thursday, with Murray coming in heavier than his 190s playing weight at Oklahoma and taller than many NFL team executives expected. Prior to Thursday, several league sources who spoke with Yahoo Sports believed his height would measure a shade under 5-10.

Interestingly, even his hand size raised eyebrows, as some thought his hands would be something slightly under 9 inches. Generally, Murray’s 9 1/2 inches are considered a solid hand size for franchise quarterbacks. That’s key, given the questions about whether a player of Murray’s size could have ball security or durability questions in the NFL.

While some of Murray’s other digits fall below the league’s classic “prototype” for franchise quarterbacks – which generally hovers in the zip code of 6-4 and 220 pounds – they stack up well with Wilson, who came into the combine with similar measurables (5-10 and 5/8ths height, 204 pounds, 10 1/4 inch hands). That’s important for NFL teams that are considering Murray at the top of the draft and wondering whether he could have success similar to Wilson, who has been the NFL’s most successful quarterback under 5-11.

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Murray’s size is among the hottest topics in this draft. Denver general manager John Elway, whose Broncos are currently in a position of need for a long-term QB, voiced concern over Murray’s height on Wednesday.

” … the height from shotgun doesn’t matter nearly as much if it does if you’re coming out from underneath center all the time because by the time you get back there the pocket a lot of times is caving on you,” Elway told reporters at the scouting combine. “That’s where height does matter a little bit more.”

Quarterbacks invited to the combine are scheduled for on-field workouts on Saturday. Murray has told teams that he doesn’t plan on participating in throwing drills, according to an NFL Network report.

Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, a contender to be the first QB selected in April’s draft, says he’ll throw on Saturday. His official measurement on Thursday: 6-3 and 231 pounds, with a hand measurement of 9 5/8 inches.

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