What Did Luka Doncic Say to the Referee? Mavs Star’s Hysterical Jab After Shocking Technical Foul

What Did Luka Doncic Say to the Referee? Mavs Star’s Hysterical Jab After Shocking Technical Foul
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Luka Doncic single-handedly ripped the Utah Jazz to shreds with his historic performance in tonight’s game. The Slovenian sensation led the Mavs to an astounding 50-point blowout victory. Luka posted his second consecutive triple-double and finished the game with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. Although it was a happy night for Doncic, one moment in the game frustrated him.

The Mavericks superstar got called for a technical foul after Utah guard Kris Dunn got into his face aggressively. Luka took a hysterical jab at Dunn as he pleaded his case with the referee for the shocking technical foul.

Luka Doncic takes a hilarious jab at Kris Dunn

Luka Doncic was visibly frustrated after getting called for a technical foul in the Jazz-Mavs game. While Luka was pleading his case with the referee, he revealed what transpired between him and Kris Dunn that led to a double technical. “I didn’t do nothing he just mad I’m busting his a**.” Luka hilariously remarked, taking a jab at the Jazz guard. It was evident from the replay that it was Kris Dunn who charged aggressively towards Luka and shoved his finger in the Mavs star’s face. Meanwhile, Luka had a very calm demeanor throughout the incident, and he smiled while Dunn yelled at him.

Maybe Luka’s reaction was what triggered Dunn even more. Luka claimed Dunn was mad about not being able to guard the Mavs superstar. The 4-time All-star demolished Dunn on defense and put up a 40-point triple-double in just 32 minutes. Doncic gave Dallas such a big lead that he did not even need to play in the 4th quarter. It is still unclear why Luka received a technical foul when he did nothing but smile during the whole argument.

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Does Luka Doncic get penalized for his reputation?

Even though Luka Doncic is one of the biggest superstars in the NBA, he has garnered a bad reputation among referees. Luka has been notoriously popular for receiving multiple technical fouls each season. While most fouls are warranted, some decisions are flat-out outrageous. Luka Doncic nearly got a one-game suspension last season after he received his 16th technical foul of the year during a game against the Charlotte Hornets.

The foul was eventually rescinded by the league, nullifying his suspension. But that goes to show how prone Luka Doncic has become to getting awarded with technical fouls. 16 techs in a season is a sign of a very problematic player on the court. But it is still up for debate whether Luka really deserved to be penalized or if it is just a result of his bad reputation. Do you think Luka Doncic deserved the technical foul tonight?

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