Wide Awake

Video lyrics katy perry wide awake

This song is pretty much about most of the people who can’t get out to their true self and it brings them down. But anyways I will explain every piece of detail I can for y’all from beginning to end. Also I will tell you about what the video meanings mean as well.

“I’m wide awake Yeah, I was in the dark I was falling hard With an open heart I’m wide awake How did I read the stars so wrong”

Interpretation for lyrics: Shes awake and is finally realizing her consciousness or what’s happening around her. She was in hell or in the worst place possible and falling for any guy she wants to touch her heart. She keeps reading the stars so wrong.. I haven’t quite understood this part yet, but I believe it’s about how everyone who looks as good as they seem, truly aren’t that way.

Interpretation for video: At the beginning in her backstage room she takes off her fake wig and finds her true self underneath and is shocked or alarmed or awake. Katy was in a maze the whole time, trying to find her way out of the darkness to try and push forward to the light.

“I’m wide awake And now it’s clear to me That everything you see Ain’t always what it seems I’m wide awake Yeah, I was dreaming for so long”

Interpretation: She’s awake and realizing again.. Everything that you see in life isn’t always what it seems to be in your mind or what you picture it to be. She was dreaming for something to happen, but in reality you can’t dream for anything, you can only go after it to try and get it or make it happen. Obama’s hope is a great example. Hope doesn’t always work in life.

Interpretation for video: Here this is about how she sees the strawberry and doesn’t want to make the move to go after it and bring it with her or go after it. Than she realizes it and fell on the concrete or fell on the floor and woke up and stopped her left/right sides from caving her in or perhaps her heart? Kind of a hard part to understand in the video.

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“I wish I knew then What I know now Wouldn’t dive in Wouldn’t bow down Gravity hurts You made it so sweet Till I woke up on On the concrete”

Interpretation: She wishes she knew the future ahead of time, so that she wouldn’t make some messed up mistake. But it’s too late, once you know something you can’t go back.

“Falling from cloud nine Crashing from the high I’m letting go tonight I’m falling from cloud nine”

Interpretation: Here shes falling from happiness or her highest point in life. Shes falling so hard that shes just going to let go. Cloud 9 is a reference to happiness in life or being so high up.

Interpretation for the video: She has the insides of her shoot up into the sky and the stars then guide her way into life for whom she really is.

“I’m wide awake Not losing any sleep Picked up every piece And landed on my feet I’m wide awake Need nothing to complete myself, no”

Interpretation: She’s awake.. going to stop losing so much sleep(memory for herself). She’s picking up where she left off. She doesn’t need anything to make her a whole person anymore.

Video interpretation: She is with a younger girl, a girl who she wishes she could be again? She puts her hand up to the little girls hand and in reality that doesn’t complete her.

“I’m wide awake Yeah, I am born again Out of the lion’s den I don’t have to pretend And it’s too late The story’s over now, the end”

Interpretation: Shes awake… She’s born again or her eyes are wide open. She’s getting out of the mess she was in and moving forward in her life. She doesn’t have to pretend something that she isn’t anymore.. being a kid or a little girl.

Video interpretation: Shes moving forward in a hallway with the young girl(perhaps it’s a girl who she wishes who she could be again), and in the mirror the paparazzi is shooting her with cameras of what’s happening now? The story happened, it’s too late to go back to be a kid again. Be your age and act your age is pretty much what this part means.. I believe. Once you’ve done something you can’t go back.

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“I wish I knew then What I know now Wouldn’t dive in Wouldn’t bow down Gravity hurts You made it so sweet Till I woke up on On the concrete”

Interpretation: She wishes what she knew back then what she knows now. Basically saying.. shes too afraid to go forward in life anymore. She didn’t want to dive in anymore or know anymore or further and didn’t want to bow down to the king or existence perhaps?

Video interpretation: The floor behind her is collapsing.. pretty much making her fear what will happen if she doesn’t move forward in life. So she decides to break through the nasty paparazzi. “You made it so sweet, till I woke up on the concrete” is pretty much saying, all these fake things that people think are sweet and true are really not true. She woke up and realized what the truth is.

Video interpretation(Continued after breaking the mirror): Katy is now in a wheel chair crippled with a broken strawberry(broken heart) with two bullies stopping her, but than Katheryn comes along and stomps her foot to stop them. The girl who she wishes she could be is now destroying the bullies or pushing them out of the way and a bully is someone trying to put someone else down, so they can gain advantage over someone.

“Thunder rumbling Castles crumbling I am trying to hold on God knows that I tried Seeing the bright side But I’m not blind anymore I’m wide awake”

Interpretation: The war or the fight has begun with the bullies stopping her. Castles crumbling is pretty much saying, palaces and good things are decaying or falling down. She’s trying to hold on and get through this mess and God or the Illuminati eyeball knows that she’s trying her best to get on the bright side of the better side of life. She’s not blind or ignorant anymore.. shes awake and conscious, basically awake and realizing her surroundings.

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Video interpretation: She gets out of the wheel chair after the bullies are stopped. Now she is making her way to the exit. The person she still wants to be(Katheryn or the little girl) broke her way out and now Katy(her older self) gets out of the wheel chair and grabs the little girl to make their way to the exit or get out of the mess they were in. Now run and move forward, don’t go into the darkness again.

Video interpretation(continued): Now she is in this so called fairy tale and becoming hypnotized by this illusion that a guy whos sexy, has nice class, rides a unicorn, and than he(Russell Brand.. Katy’s ex husband) is making a promise to marry Katy. Katy stops and realizes that promises can’t always work, so she pushes him out of the way. Moves to the heart(love is where you place it in your life) and goes in and the little girl rides her bike(that’s what she loves) and Katy Perry moves to sing in front of a large crowd of people or at a concert and that is what Katy loves most.

Bottom line: Position love where you want it to be in YOUR life. This life is about you. Love is where YOU as a person position it to be.” In other words love is where you put it in your life. If you love your family, you stay with them, that’s where you’re putting your love. Position love where you want it to be. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way to stop you, push through it and screw what the haters think of you.

I myself have a problem of trying to pass all the haters,, it sucks. However all you can do in life.. is try your best and try and get the best outcome of it.