Since HBO’s Game of Thrones aired for nearly a decade, it’s no surprise that its cast formed some pretty tight bonds. When you’re working with someone every day for eight years, it’s probably a good idea to share a good relationship with them. The show concluded its last episode almost a year ago – while many of the cast members have gone their separate ways and moved on with their lives, some have stayed close, like Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.

Their relationship on-screen was never really close. Sophie played Sansa Stark, who was the older sister of the wild child, Arya Stark, who was played by Maisie. There were many ups and downs between the two characters, but off-screen, Sophie and Maisie were slowly becoming major BFF goals. Want to know how close they really are? Keep on reading!

15 They Basically Grew Up Together

When Game of Thrones first started filming, Sophie and Maisie were barely even teenagers! They met when they were 12 and 13, meaning they pretty much grew up together during their time on GoT. Since they were so similar in age, it didn’t take long for them to form a pretty serious bond.

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14 Their Chemistry Is Amazing

Sophie and Maisie’s characters never seemed to get along that well until the last season of the show, but their chemistry off-screen has remained unmatched throughout the years. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Maisie Williams described her instant chemistry with Sophie as “real magic”. These two were certainly meant to find each other!

13 So Much So That They Even Sparked Dating Rumors!

It’s obvious that Maisie and Sophie aren’t afraid to physically express their friendship. This has caused many people to believe their relationship might be a little more than platonic. We can’t blame them, since apparently the two used to “prank” the GoT cast and crew by locking lips during random takes!

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Obviously, they’re just really good friends who aren’t afraid to get a little touchy-feely. After all, Sophie is married to Joe Jonas and Maisie is dating Reuben Selby.

12 Their Closeness And Antics Made Them A Nightmare To Work With

Best friends don’t always make the best co-workers.

Along with pranking their fellow cast and crew, Sophie and Maisie were reportedly nothing but trouble together on the set. Sophie told Rolling Stone that they would never get anything done on set since they were always goofing around, and that directors probably regretted writing scenes where she and Maisie would be together. At least they kept things interesting?

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11 They’ve Always Been There For Each Other

Going through puberty is hard enough – we can’t imagine having those years documented so closely for the whole world to see. Since Sophie and Maisie were both growing up at the same time, it caused them to become even closer.

What’s even worse is that Maisie’s character had to have a shaved head around that time – that can certainly mess with a person’s psyche when it comes to body image, especially in the teenage years. Good thing she had Sophie helping her through it the whole time.

10 But Their Relationship Once Had A Destructive Side

Sophie Turner once described her relationship with Maisie Williams as “quite destructive”, and it wasn’t because of their on-set antics. The two were so close while filming that they wouldn’t even socialize with anyone but each other. She went on to admit that this isolation lasted for years. I guess we should all get BFFs that we can shut out the world with?

9 They Have Their Own Nickname

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s relationship has become so popular, they even have their own nickname. But it wasn’t fans that pinned it on them – it was actually the girls themselves. It all started after Maisie saw a phone case called “Mophie”, and claimed it was a terrible name for a phone case, but an amazing one for her and Sophie. And thus, “Mophie” was born.

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8 They Used To Have Sleepovers Constantly

Throughout their years of growing up and filming together, Sophie and Maisie would do what BFF’s do best and have sleepovers. These weren’t just occasional, though – apparently, the girls would spend almost every night together. Maisie even admitted that she thinks she’s spent more time in Sophie’s bed than her own!

7 They Celebrate A Special Day Together

Both Maisie and Sophie found out on the same day that they had landed their roles on Game of Thrones. They got the good news on August 7th, 2009, and since it’s also the day that brought them together, it holds a very special place in their hearts. Sophie once posted a photo of her and Maisie to her Instagram, captioning it “Happy 7th August soulm8”.

6 And Turned It Into Matching Tattoos

What’s the best way to ensure that your bond with someone really lasts a lifetime? Get matching tattoos!

Maisie and Sophie decided to commemorate their friendship by spontaneously getting some matching ink. They did this one day while they were in Belfast. They got “07.08.09” tattooed on their upper forearms to represent their start on GoT, as referred to previously.

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5 Maisie Was Sophie’s Maid Of Honor

If you still aren’t convinced of their BFF status, this might help.

It’s no surprise that the two shared some of their greatest life events, and that includes weddings. Maisie is so close to Sophie that she even served as one of Sophie’s maids of honor during her wedding to Joe Jonas last year!

4 They Like To Coordinate Their Red Carpet Outfits

Are you even BFF’s if you don’t have matching outfits?

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As super-cute and super-trendy as they are, obviously Sophie and Maisie are going to coordinate their outfits sometimes. The two friends have gone so far as to match their red carpet ensembles. They are seen here wearing matching sparkly black dresses at a Game of Thrones premiere.

3 Their Relationship May Inspire A Movie

During an interview with Vogue Paris, Sophie Turner talked about wanting to get into producing and directing with Maisie. When asked what her first project would be, Sophie described it as a movie “”about a friendship where it’s kind of like you’re soulmates, but you’re friends and it’s like this beautiful connection but it can also be quite destructive.” So, basically their relationship! We’d definitely go and see it.

2 They’ve Done Pretty Much Everything Together

We’ve already established that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are extremely close and have even blurred the lines a time or two. But how far do they take it? The two admitted that they’ve gone so far as to take showers and baths together in the past. I guess they really are THAT close…

1 They’ve Gone Through Some Dark Times, But They’ve Always Supported Each Other

When your life is made so public as a celebrity, it opens it up to other people’s opinions. Sophie and Maisie experienced that firsthand, through social media, and shared a really rough patch together. This happened once their careers started to pick up.

The impact of that caused both of them to experience intense depression and even suicidal thoughts. They both played a major role in helping each other through that time, especially since Sophie convinced Maisie to start attending therapy. They sure do have each other’s backs.

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