39 Top Miley Cyrus Hairstyles and Haircuts: From Long to Short Hair

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Miley Cyrus, a renowned pop sensation known for daring hair alterations, has been a mesmerizing presence in music, beauty, and fashion. Miley Cyrus’ hairstyles are adventurous and edgy, ranging from long, lush waves to a daring pixie cut. From her punk-rock era with short, spiky hair to her beautiful red-carpet appearances, her distinctive hairstyles have tremendously affected the fashion industry.

She has naturally long wavy hair with a medium to thick texture, known for its versatility. But with time, She tried various styles and hues, such as brown, black, and blonde, with the guidance of experienced stylists and extensions to achieve specific looks for occasions and performances. Her hairstyles represent her wild and distinct nature. So, binge on the journey with us whether you are a millennial, Genz, or a fan. We will explore the tempting Miley Cyrus haircuts through the decades.

From Hannah Montana to Rockstar Rebel: The Hair Evolution of Miley Cyrus’ Hairstyles

1. Early Days with Long Hair (2000s – Early 2012): This iconic era featured the pop star’s long, luscious locks, often styled with loose waves or straight for a youthful and approachable look.

2. The Bold Chop (Late 2012): With a significant twist,Miley Cyrus’ hair in 2012 shocked the world by cutting her long locks into a super short pixie cut.

3. Brown-haired Miley (2016): Miley Cyrus’ hair in 2016 sported a natural brown hair color, a departure from her signature blonde highlight look.

4. 2017’s New Look: By 2017, Miley was sporting a more relaxed and casual hairstyle, complementing her evolving style and music.

5. 2021’s Hair Vibes: Her 2021 hair transformation was a mix of styles, from short to long, showing her ongoing commitment to trying new things with her hair.

6. Short Hair Returns (2022): Once again, Miley Cyrus embraced a short look, rocking a chic, edgy hairstyle that matched her dynamic persona.

7. The Future (2023): As of 2023, Miley Cyrus’s hair journey continues to evolve around the messy Shags with wavy locks.

After an extensive experiment, many people wonderWhat is Miley Cyrus’s natural hair color? Well, Miley Cyrus’s natural hair color is brown, but she often experiments with blonde hair, ombre, and black shades.

29 Captivating Miley Cyrus’ Hairstyles and Haircuts

Miley Cyrus’s Different Hairstyles for Every Occasion

1. Diffused Beach Waves

Creating smooth, rippling curls in your hair through a curler or other styling tools is a common technique for this look. The key to diffused waves is achieving a texture that appears natural and slightly disheveled as if the sea breeze and saltwater have tousled the hair.

2. Sleek And Straight

Miley Cyrus, with brown hair, occasionally straightened her hair for a smooth and polished appearance, highlighting her versatility in switching between different looks.

3. Top Knot

A top knot is a bun tied at the top of the head. Miley Cyrus chose blonde hairto wear this style for a chic and elegant look, often for formal occasions.

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4. Braided Crown

For a braided crown, the braids are secured with pins and then hidden underneath the rest of the hair. It looks good on curly hair since the braids control the frizz and provide a clean, old-Hollywood elegance.

5. High Ponytail

Miley Cyrus, with long hair, pulled off a high ponytail with style, where the hair is gathered and tied at the top of the head. You may also wrap a portion of your hair around your ponytail to make it look great and keep it from drooping.

6. Messy Bun

A messy bun is a relaxed and effortless hairstyle where the hair is gathered and loosely twisted into a bun. Make a high ponytail and swirl it into a loose bun.

7. Side-swept Bangs

The side-swept fringe, created by styling a part of the hair to fall over the forehead in a sweeping direction, provides a sense of grace and variety to your image.

8. Fishtail Braid

Split the hair into two equal parts and alternatively cross thin strands from each area across each other, producing a weaving pattern that continues down to the end of the braid.

9. Short And Spiky

Miley Cyrus’s short hair often featured a bold and edgy style that can be described as “short and spiky.” In this haircut, her hair was cut very short, often cropped close to the scalp on the sides and back, while leaving a bit more length on top.

10. Messy Pixie

Miley Cyrus’s pixie cut conveys a casual and adventurous spirit. In her iconic messy pixie, her hair was cut short, and the layers were styled in a deliberately tousled and disheveled manner.

11. Voluminous Curls

For glamorous red carpet events, Miley Cyrus’s curly hair has often been styled into platinum blonde voluminous curls, creating a charming and sophisticated appearance. Curls were frequently set using rollers or curlers, giving them a bouncy, voluminous look.

12. Slicked-back Style

The slicked-back style complemented her facial features and bone structure, exuding refinement and confidence. Miley Cyrus’s blonde hair has been styled slicked back, creating a sleek and modern look.

13. Half-up, Half-down

Pull up a portion of her hair, typically from the crown or top sections, and secure it with pins or hair ties, leaving the rest of her hair to flow freely.

14. Bouffant

The bouffant is a classic hairstyle characterized by its voluminous crown. The rest of the hair can be styled in various ways, such as worn down, in an updo, or sleek waves or curls.

15. Space Bun

The space bun hairstyle involves gathering sections of hair into two buns, often positioned on the top of the head, resembling “buns” or tiny knots.

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16. Tousled Waves

Tousled waves are a relaxed and effortless hairstyle where the hair is styled in loose waves or curls. Miley Cyrus, with her shoulder-length hair, could create brushed-out waves by using styling products and techniques to achieve a beachy and carefree look.

17. Low Bun

The low bun is a classic and elegant hairstyle where the hair is gathered and secured at the nape of the neck. If you want to frame your facial traits, this look is perfect.

18. Sleek Bob

Miley Cyrus’s short blonde haircut often took the form of a sleek bob. Tuck the ends of your hair under and pin them up to simulate a shorter hairdo.

19. Messy Shag

Add waves and ruffled strands of your shoulder-length brunette hair to make a messy, textured Shag. Incorporate a short braid along one side, connecting it with the waves for a rebellious and romantic bohemian flair.

20. Braided Updo

In 2016, Miley Cyrus opted for braided hair for a reality TV show. To achieve magnificent hair, braid it on the sides and clip it in the back.

Breathtaking Miley Cyrus Haircuts

21. Hannah Montana Hairstyle

During the Hannah Montana period, Miley used a range of hairstyles to match her appearance, including long, frizzy brunette root locks and straight hair.

22. Miley Cyrus’s Pixie Haircut

This daring short haircut had trimmed sides and back with somewhat longer top hair, giving an edgy and rebellious look that drew much attention.

23. The Undercut

It involves shaving or cutting one side (or both sides) of the head shorter than the rest of the hair, resulting in an apparent difference between the shaved portion and the remaining hair.

24. The Bob

After the pixie cut, Miley’s hair grew into a chic bob with straight lines and even length, reflecting a more sophisticated and mature appearance.

25. The Mullet

Miley created her version called the modern mullet, a haircut with short hair on the front and top and longer hair at the back. She modernized an ’80s-inspired look, demonstrating her daring and originality.

26. The Dolly Parton-inspired Shag Hair

Miley Cyrus’s Shag Haircut was embraced by layered hair and textured ends, creating a messy yet stylish appearance that embodied a carefree and rock-inspired vibe.

27. The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a distinctive and geometric hairstyle characterized by its even length around the head, as if a bowl were placed on top and used as a cutting guide.

28. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a minimalist and low-maintenance hairstyle where the hair is cut extremely short, almost to the scalp.

29. The Punk Rock Pixie

In this style, the hair is cropped short but is often styled to have spikes, texture, and an edgy, punk-inspired flair.

30. The Bob with Fringes

A bob with fringes is a timeless and dynamic hairdo that combines a bob haircut with a fringe that outlines the brow. Miley Cyrus added fringe to her bob hairdo, giving a vintage, elegant touch to her entire look.

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31. Classic Blowout with Medium Hair

A medium haircut with a vintage wave twist, as seen in some of Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles, combines the classic charm of vintage-inspired hair with a modern medium-length haircut. This style frequently involves shoulder-length hair with delicate waves or soft curls for a hint of nostalgic charm.

32. Sleek Pixie Cut with Side Part

The sleek pixie cut with a side part is a refined and polished variation of the classic pixie haircut. In this style, the hair is cut very short, and a side part is incorporated for a tailored and elegant finish.

33. The Faux Hawk

This style featured hair styled to resemble a mohawk without actually shaving the sides, showcasing her daring and punk-inspired side.

34. The Wavy Bob

The hair is typically cut to a length that falls around the chin or slightly below, creating a sleek and modern look.

35. The Cropped Cut

The cropped cut is a short and minimalist hairstyle where the hair is trimmed very short, often close to the scalp.

36. Frizzy Plaits

Sloppy frizzy plaits are a laid-back hairdo that consists of forming messy braids on either side of the head and letting the rest of the hair free and slightly tousled.

37. Wet Look Wavy Long Haircut

The wet-look wavy long haircut is a stunning style that combines the allure of wet-look hair with the beauty of cascading waves. Miley’s long hair is styled to appear as if it’s dripping with moisture, creating a sleek and glossy effect.

38. Wavy Short Ombre

The wavy, short ombre hairstyle combines the trendy appeal of a short haircut with the gradient coloring effect known as ombre. Miley’s short hair with ombre showcases her ability to merge style elements into a fashionable appearance.

39. Choppy Layers

Miley Cyrus’s short haircuts often featured choppy layers, achieved by cutting the hair in uneven lengths and adding texture to the layers.


Miley Cyrus’ hairstyles show that hair is more than a fashion statement; it is a canvas for expressing oneself. Her unique and bold hairstyle shows individualism and the capacity for redefining creativity. Her hairstyles are a signature, an assertion, and a means to express self-love. So, as a diehard Smiler or hairstyle enthusiast, you can draw inspiration from our collection and capture attention with your style.

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