Savannah Chrisley Net Worth 2023 (FORBES) Debts

Savannah Chrisley Net Worth 2023 (FORBES) Debts

Savannah Chrisley’s net worth is estimated to be $5 Million in 2023. She is an American reality television personality, actress, and entrepreneur. She is best known for starring in the reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley. She has also appeared in films such as Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens and Christmas Comes Twice. Chrisley is also the founder of her own apparel collection, Faith Over Fear.

Savannah Chrisley Net Worth 2023

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How does Savannah Chrisley Make Money?

Brand Endorsements: She has endorsement deals with a number of brands, including H&M, and Rampage. Savannah earns anywhere between $100k to $150k annually from each brand collaboration. She has her own clothing line, Faith Over Fear, and a makeup line, Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics. Tom Sandoval Net Worth

Modeling: She is a successful model and earns over $10,000 per shoot. She appeared in some of the top fashion shows such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Dior Haute Couture Show, and Givenchy Fashion Show. She worked with multiple lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret, Chantelle, and La Perla.

Savannah Chrisley’s Debts

Chrisley’s debt problems are reportedly due to a combination of factors, including her lavish lifestyle and bad business decisions. Chrisley is $1.6 million in debt. She owes money to a variety of creditors, including credit card companies, banks, and other suppliers.

Owed toAmount Owed

Losing Inheritance Money

Savannah Chrisley, the reality TV star and daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley, inherited $15 million from her parents in 2023. However, she quickly squandered her inheritance on luxury purchases, cars, parties, and gambling. Chrisley spent millions of dollars on designer clothes, jewelry, and handbags.

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She also bought a fleet of luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce and a Ferrari. She also threw lavish parties for her friends and family. In addition to her spending habits, Chrisley also lost a significant amount of money gambling. She is known to be a high-stakes poker player, and she has reportedly lost millions of dollars at the casino. JoJo Siwa Net Worth

Chrisley’s financial situation has become so dire that she has had to sell off the house property she received from her parents. She is also reportedly facing multiple lawsuits from creditors. It is unclear how Chrisley plans to get out of her financial problems. She has not commented on her financial situation, and her representatives have not responded to requests for comment.

Net Worth Timeline

Savannah Chrisley’s Wikipedia

Savannah Chrisley was born on August 11, 1993, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Todd Chrisley, a businessman and reality TV star, and Julie Chrisley, a former beauty pageant queen and reality TV star. Savannah has two older siblings, Chase and Lindsie, and two younger siblings, Grayson and Chloe.


Savannah Chrisley began her career in reality television in 2014 when she was cast in the USA Network series Chrisley Knows Best. The show follows the Chrisley family as they navigate their lives in Atlanta. Savannah quickly became a fan favorite on the show, and she has since become a successful model, actress, and entrepreneur.

In 2019, Savannah Chrisley launched her own clothing line, Faith Over Fear. She has also modeled for several brands, including H&M, Rampage, and Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics. In addition to her work in fashion, Savannah has also appeared in several films, including Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens and Christmas Comes Twice.

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Parents’ Legal Case

In 2019, Savannah Chrisley’s parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, were indicted on 12 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. The couple was accused of obtaining millions of dollars in loans from banks and then using the money to finance their lavish lifestyle. They were also accused of failing to pay their taxes for several years.

In 2022, Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of all charges and sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison, respectively. The couple is currently appealing their convictions.

Savannah Chrisley’s Response to Parents’ Legal Case

Savannah Chrisley has been outspoken in her support of her parents. She has maintained that they are innocent of the charges against them and that they are being persecuted by the government.