North Dakota Powerball Numbers

North Dakota Powerball Rules

Powerball in North Dakota follows similar rules to many other states. You can play by filling out a playslip at any licensed retailer, either opting to choose your own numbers or asking for a Quick Pick which will generate a random line of numbers to use. There are also some state-specific rules to be aware of:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to play.
  • A credit card cannot be used to buy lottery tickets.
  • The ticket cut-off time is 8:58pm CT on the night of a drawing.
  • You can enter up to 15 drawings in advance with a ‘Multiple Draw Ticket’. Just mark the relevant box on your playslip to enter more than one drawing at a time.
  • A state tax of 2.9 percent is withheld from any winnings over $5,000.

There is also a Pick & Click subscription service available, which allows you to enter up to one year’s worth of drawings in advance. You can subscribe online with the North Dakota Lottery using your own numbers or a Quick Pick entry. You should be aware of the following requirements:

  • You must have a North Dakota mailing address.
  • You must be in North Dakota at the time of making a subscription purchase or adding funds to your account.
  • You will need a land-based internet connection for desktop devices to pass the geo-location requirements. If you are entering from a mobile device, you must install the North Dakota Lottery Players Club app.
  • You can deposit a maximum of $999.99 per 24 hours, or $1,999.99 per week.
  • You must enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number when buying a subscription. This information is used for verify that you are a North Dakotan resident and at least 18 years of age.

When you use the Pick & Click subscription service for the first time you become a member of the North Dakota Lottery Players Club. This means you are awarded points for every online purchase you make, which can be used to enter special drawings and make exclusive purchases.

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Prizes worth up to and including $599 can be claimed by presenting your signed ticket to any one of over 400 licensed retailers in North Dakota. Prizes worth $600 or over can be claimed from the North Dakota Lottery. Its office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm ET, and you are advised to arrive no later than 4:30pm ET to claim your winnings on the same day. Its address is below:

1050 East Interstate Avenue Suite 200 Bismarck, ND 58503

You can also claim winnings of any size, including the jackpot, by mail. Just post your signed winning ticket, a completed prize claim form and a proof of identification to the below address. You can collect a prize claim form from a licensed retailer, or download it from the North Dakota Lottery website. Please note that the North Dakota Lottery will not accept responsibility for lost mail, and you are advised to use registered mail for your winning tickets.

North Dakota Lottery PO Box 204 Bismarck, ND 58502-0204

Prizes worth up to and including $599 are automatically paid into your online account. You can use this account to deposit funds, renew or purchase a subscription, and request for your winnings to be sent to you by mail. The North Dakota Lottery will contact you to initiate the claim process for prizes of $600 or over.

If you are claiming a Powerball prize as part of a lottery pool, this can be done by taking the signed winning ticket to the North Dakota Lottery office. All members of the pool must also read the ‘Instructions for Sharing a Prize’ document and complete a ‘Prize Claim – Shared Prizes’ form. You must also show a proof of identification, and one ‘Prize Sharing Agreement’ must be completed on behalf of the group.

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If someone from the lottery pool isn’t present to collect their winnings, they must complete a ‘Prize Sharing Agreement Addendum’ beforehand. All these relevant documents can be found on the North Dakota Lottery website, and you can also telephone (701) 328-1574 for further information.

You have 180 days from the date of a drawing to come forward and claim your prize in North Dakota. Any prize money that remains unclaimed after this deadline is transferred to the state’s general fund. You also have a 60-day timeframe from the day you claim your jackpot prize to opt for a cash lump sum. You will automatically receive annuity payments if you don’t request the cash option within this period.

The North Dakota Lottery will not accept responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen tickets. You are advised to sign the back of your ticket with your name as soon as possible, because tickets are bearer instruments. This means that anyone can claim a prize with an unsigned ticket just by being in possession of it.

North Dakota is one of the states that allows Powerball winners to stay anonymous. It is your choice whether to remain private or go public with your win.

The table below shows how the lottery revenue is split. Just over 50 percent is given back to the players in prize money:

Area of Spending Percentage of Revenue Prizes 51% State General Fund 22% Contracted Services 10% Retailer Commissions 5% Advertising/Marketing Expense 2% Administrative/Operating Expense 6% Compulsive Gambling Prevention and Treatment Fund 1% Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force Grant Fund 2% Prize Reserve Pools 1%

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The North Dakota Lottery has raised over $111 million for the state’s General Fund since March 2004, with a further $6.6 million going towards the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force Grant Fund.

The Compulsive Gambling Prevention and Treatment Fund has also received over $4.3 million from the lottery. The money is appropriated by the state’s Department of Human Services and is used for the prevention and treatment of compulsive gambling. In 2014 the department supported Lutheran Social Services to develop GamblerND, an online resource that offers tools to help people determine if they or loved ones have a gambling problem and connects people with services that might be able to help them combat their addiction.

In 2002, a constitutional amendment was passed in North Dakota allowing the formation of a state lottery, but it stipulated that only multi-state games could be offered. The lottery was formed in 2003 and on March 25, 2004 Powerball tickets first went on sale. This was followed by Hot Lotto on June 24 and Wild Card 2 on September 23.

The Pick & Click subscription service was launched by the North Dakota Lottery in November 2005, giving players the option to play multiple draws online or by mail. Four further lottery games were launched in the state after that: 2by2 in February 2006; Mega Millions in January 2010; Lucky for Life in February 2016, which replaced the outgoing Wild Card 2; and Lotto America, which replaced Hot Lotto in October 2017.