Patrick Mahomes Offers New Details On His National Ad Campaign With Troy Polamalu

Patrick Mahomes Offers New Details On His National Ad Campaign With Troy Polamalu

Patrick Mahomes and Troy Polamalu put their game faces on while opposing each other in their … [+] humorous Head & Shoulders commercial.

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During Sunday’s broadcast on CBS, Patrick Mahomes picked apart the Jacksonville Jaguars, throwing for 211 yards in the first quarter, which represents the second most in a first quarter in NFL history.

But that was not the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s only sterling performance in front of the cameras this season. He also impressed viewers with his nationally televised Head & Shoulders shampoo commercial alongside former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

“Reactions from teammates, friends and family have been great,” Mahomes said via e-mail. “They were all loving it.”

In the amusing ad, which will air throughout the NFL season, the two players go back and forth on whether Head & Shoulders is great offense for hair or great defense against flakes. It resembles Miller Lite’s tastes great/less filling ads of the late 1980s.

Mahomes and Polamalu then exchange opposing barbs on underwear (boxers vs. briefs), Chinese philosophy (yin vs. yang), the pronunciation of GIF, martinis (shaken vs. stirred), NFL plays (touchdown vs. turnover), NFL honors (MVP vs. Super Bowl champ) and Schlemiel vs. Schlimazel, an allusion to the Laverne & Shirley show of the early 1980s, which the 23-year-old Mahomes admitted he didn’t truly understand.

“Honestly, I have no idea what that is,” he said. “I can’t take credit for the lines, but Troy and I had some fun with the duel and quick one-liners.”

Mahomes had never met Polamalu before, but doing so might have been even more thrilling for Brittany Matthews, Mahomes’ longtime girlfriend, who grew up a Steelers fan.

“She was excited to be on set with us,” Mahomes said. “Troy is awesome … I was always a fan of his game and his work with Head & Shoulders, so it was sweet to get to work with him.”

Although meeting Polamalu was the highlight for Matthews, Mahomes said the best part of the ad was when he pulls out the mini fan at the end to get his hair to blow in the wind as if it’s a modeling shoot.

“That was hilarious,” Mahomes said.

Partly because of Mahomes’ famous coiffure, the advertising campaign also came about because his marketing manager, Jacquelyn Dahl, introduced him to the Head & Shoulders team and their agency two years ago at a Super Bowl event in Minneapolis prior to his transcendent 2018 season.

Then they had a few meetings, including at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tenn., and talked about adding some humor to the commercials, something Mahomes was in favor of.

Mahomes and Polamalu filmed the ads in Los Angeles during the summer.

Head & Shoulders is just part of the slew of endorsements Mahomes has accumulated, including Oakley, Madden NFL 20, DIRECTV, State Farm, Hunt’s ketchup, Hy-Vee grocery stores and Essentia Water and Kansas City-headquartered companies: CommunityAmerica Credit Union, Airshare and Tickets For Less.

Since he’s featured prominently in so many commercials, Mahomes has stumbled upon them while watching television at home.

“It’s still surreal. It’s still weird whenever I’m just talking to my girlfriend, and I hear my voice in the background,” he said. “But it’s cool to see yourself in that place on TV.”

Patrick Mahomes is for great offense for hair, but Troy Polamalu favors great defense against … [+] flakes.


Head & Shoulders, the official shampoo of the NFL, declined to provide financial terms of its contract with Mahomes but noted he’s entitled to an unlimited supply of shampoo.

On his own Mahomes will be able to afford as many as bottles as he chooses. He is in the third year of a four-year, $16.4 million deal, and most predict he will become the NFL’s highest paid player with a contract that will average at least $40 million a year.

Mahomes looked more than deserving of that money while completing 25-of-33 passes for 378 yards and three touchdowns in Week 1, even though he fought through a sore ankle for much of the game.

When asked about the injury by reporters, Mahomes said it won’t prevent him from receiving his usual amount of reps in practice this week.

But an important question remains: Does Mahomes or Polamalu have the better hair?

“Troy’s hair is hard to compete with,” Mahomes said. “There’s a reason he has been a part of the H & S family for so long.”

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