Simone Biles shared the first photos of her stunning engagement ring, which could have cost $100,000

Simone Biles shared the first photos of her stunning engagement ring, which could have cost 0,000
  • Simone Biles shared photos of her engagement ring after Jonathan Owens proposed this week.
  • Apeksha Kothari of Rare Carat estimates that her ring could have cost $100,000.
  • Kothari said it seemingly features a three-carat oval diamond and a pavé band.

Simone Biles is engaged to NFL player Jonathan Owens, and her ring is stunning.

The Olympian announced their engagement via Instagram on Tuesday with a series of photos from Owens’ proposal. She also shared close-up shots of her ring, which was created by ZoFrost.

In an email sent to Insider, the designer said Owens “has been a friend and client for a few years,” and that he “had the pleasure” of working with the football player “to create this very special ring.” He also confirmed to Insider that its center, oval-shaped stone is a three-carat diamond that has an F color grade and VVS2 clarity.

According to Apeksha Kothari, the COO of diamond search engine Rare Carat, that means the stone is “totally colorless and has great clarity,” and is “very bright, white, and clean.” She also added that the ring could have cost $100,000.

“For a touch of sparkle, Jonathan added a hidden halo under the stone and a pavé band to match,” Kothari added. “While others are going for gold, she got diamonds! Totally deserved and will last forever.”

That said, Kothari noted that she was surprised to see “a glaring bow-tie” in the center diamond, or a “dark zone shaped like a bow-tie on the oval shape that does not sparkle.”

Still, it’s clear that Biles is a big fan of her ring.

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She posted multiple photos of her diamond on Instagram, including one of her wearing the jewelry while in a bathrobe and hair towel.

According to ZoFrost, the finished ring was a long time in the making.

“He and I started the process together a few months ago to select the perfect diamond for Simone that was handpicked by Jonathan,” the designer said.

Simone Biles shared this photo to Instagram on Tuesday.

The Olympic gymnast first shared the news of her engagement after seemingly getting engaged on Valentine’s Day.

She described “the easiest yes” of her life on Instagram, writing: “I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ 💍🥺.”