1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton looks slimmer-than-ever in black dress for new full-body photos after family tragedy

1000-LB. SISTERS star Tammy Slaton has been spotted traveling to the gravesite of her late husband in new photos.

The U.S. Sun can reveal new exclusive pictures of Tammy on route to the funeral of Caleb Willingham on Sunday.

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton attended the funeral services of her late husband Caleb WillinghamCredit: The US Sun
The star wore a black mini dress to the somber funeralCredit: The US Sun

Tammy, 37, was seen heading to the emotional services for Willingham.

Despite the grim occasion, Tammy dressed up in a black mini dress revealing her bare legs and arm tattoos.

The TLC star also walked entirely unassisted from her house to the car and from the car down to the water where the service was held.

Tammy’s fans have been concerned she may relapse into bad habits after Caleb’s devastating death, but it appears she’s determined to keep her eyes set on her goals.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star used to weigh 717 pounds but has now dropped close to 400 pounds in total.

Tammy now weighs under 340 pounds.


Many fans were concerned Tammy’s grief would interfere with her new healthy habits, but the TLC star has persevered through the pain.

Caleb died on June 30, The U.S. Sun previously reported, although according to the source, the sad news didn’t come as a surprise to Tammy.

The insider revealed Caleb’s friends and family anticipated his death because of his declining health.

As documented on the TLC show 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy and Caleb were both in the same clinic for weight loss rehab.

Caleb reportedly gained 30 pounds since he and Tammy split earlier this year, and his health continued to get worse.

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The insider stated: “They were best friends and were supporters of each other in the clinic, and [his death is] devastating for her.

“She told me she could have easily been him.

“Tammy went through the same experience that Caleb did and wanted him to get better, but he just didn’t have a drive.

“She didn’t have the drive for a bit and was struggling and not caring and I think Caleb had the same mindset of ‘I’ve already done this to myself, I’m already this big, there’s no turning back,'” the insider said.

“It’s hard on her because she has experienced it and is of the mindset of, ‘This could have been me.'”


Tammy has been staying strong, but couldn’t help but shed a tear during the emotional evening of Caleb’s sunset funeral.

She broke down in tears during an emotionally vulnerable moment, as captured in the heart-wrenching photos obtained exclusively by The U.S. Sun.

On Sunday, Tammy’s friends and family had an intimate gathering to help her say her final goodbyes.

Even though Caleb was originally from Indiana, they had the private ceremony a few minutes from Tammy’s home in Kentucky.

In the photos, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star wore a short black dress and brought a bouquet of colorful flowers.

At the sunset celebration of life, Tammy sat in the front row of folding chairs and became emotional.

She began to tear up and had to wipe a few aside as she had her sister Amy, 35, by her side.

Tammy used to weigh 717 pounds before going to her Ohio rehab clinicCredit: TLC
The TLC star is now walking entirely unassisted when previously, she could not even standCredit: The US Sun
On Sunday, Tammy attended the funeral service for her late husband Caleb WillinghamCredit: The US Sun