Dolly Parton And Drew Bond Over Posing For Playboy On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’: “I Have On Less Clothes Than You” 

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Drew Barrymore and her latest guest shared a special bond that not everyone who stops by The Drew Barrymore Show can claim. This morning, the host was thrilled to welcome Dolly Parton — and no topic was off-limits, including their shared history of posing for Playboy.

Barrymore, who posed for the magazine in 1995, had a copy of her issue on hand, which she displayed next to Parton’s 1978 cover.

“Here we are,” she began, comparing the two issues side-by-side for her guest. “I feel like—” Barrymore continued, but Parton chimed in to exclaim, “Oh, look at us!”

(Editor’s Note: The Drew Barrymore Show is currently on hiatus. This article was originally published on Nov. 27, 2023 when this episode first aired. Drew will return with new episodes in January 2024.)

With a laugh, she added, “Well, I have on less clothes than you,” before noting that Barrymore was showing off her butterfly tattoo beneath her belly button when she posed for her cover.

Parton joked that she was showing her “big personality” when she took photos for the magazine.

Barrymore replied, “The butterfly connection also speaks to me, because butterflies meant so much to me as a kid and they’re such a signature for you, and here we are, and I feel like— I mean, I’m looking a little ‘Come hither’ in this photograph.”

Parton insisted that the talk show host “looked cute” in the photo, then pointed to the issue date on her own cover and asked Barrymore, “You weren’t even born when that was done, where you?”

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Turns out Barrymore was around for Parton’s cover, but barely. She informed the country star, “I was. I was three … and working like a dog.”

Photo: CBS

Barrymore continued, “I love that we have this connection, and it’s scary for me to dare to ever even say that I feel like I have so much connection or commonalities or aspirations towards you, but I look at the hair, I look at the butterflies, I look at the Playboy, I look at the encouragement for everyone to be who they truly are and love them for it, and that’s why you’re so important to me.”

She continued, “It’s because there’s no one who doesn’t love you on the planet,” to which Parton quipped, “Oh, there is, but we don’t want to hear about them!”

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