Maryland Powerball Numbers

Maryland Powerball Numbers

State Specific Rules

To play Powerball in Maryland, pick up a playslip from any lottery retailer and select five main numbers and one Powerball. Alternatively, ask the cashier for a Quick Pick or mark the ‘QP’ box on your playslip. The following rules should also be taken into account:

  • You can enter up to 15 consecutive drawings in advance.
  • Ticket sales close approximately one hour before the drawing is due to take place and reopen for the following draw straight after the winning numbers have been confirmed.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to play, but you must be 21 or older to claim prizes from one of the two casino cashing locations.
  • Double Play is available in Maryland. It costs an additional $1 to take part for each set of numbers entered into the main draw.
  • A state tax of 8.95% – or 8% if you are not a Maryland resident – will be taken on all prizes of more than $5,000.

See the How to Play page for more information.

How to Claim Prizes

Prizes up to and including $600 can be claimed from any Maryland Lottery retailer. Winning tickets up to and including $5,000 can be redeemed from any of the lottery’s Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) locations.

For prizes up to and including $25,000, you can claim from the cashier’s windows at Maryland casinos, although you must be at least 21 years old. Here are the locations of the casinos:

Location Address Horseshoe Casino 1525 Russell Street Baltimore MGM National Harbor 101 MGM National Avenue Oxon Hill Live! Casino & Hotel 7002 Arundel Mills Circle Hanover Ocean Downs Casino 10218 Racetrack Road Berlin Hollywood Casino 1201 Chesapeake Overlook Parkway Perryville Rocky Gap Casino 16701 Lakeview Road NE Flintstone

If you win more than $25,000, it must be redeemed from the Maryland Lottery office in Baltimore. There are no walk-ins – you must make an appointment for a claim at the lottery office.


For any prizes of more than $600 you must present valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or government-issued ID, as well as proof of your social security number.

You can also claim prizes of any value by obtaining a claim form and mailing it along with the signed winning ticket to the following address. You will need to include a copy of your photo ID and proof of your social security number for any prizes over $600.

Maryland Lottery Customer Resource Center 1800 Washington Boulevard Suite 330 Baltimore, MD 21230

Claiming As a Lottery Pool

Lottery prizes can be split among multiple winners. Each member of your pool needs to complete a claim form and provide the relevant documents described above. If possible, you should all sign the back of the lottery ticket to identify you as shared owners.

Claim Period

You have 182 days from the date of the winning draw to claim any prizes. Any money left unclaimed after this period goes into the Unclaimed Prize Fund, which is used to pay out prizes in future drawings.

Lost and Damaged Tickets

Unsigned lottery tickets are bearer instruments, so whoever is in possession of one can claim a prize with it. Signing the back of your ticket identifies you as the rightful owner, so in the event that it is lost or stolen no one else will be able to use it to claim. If you do lose a signed winning ticket, you should inform the Maryland Lottery as soon as possible. Prizes may not be paid out if a ticket is too damaged to validate, or if it has been altered or tampered with.

Going Public

In Maryland, you can remain anonymous if you win a large Powerball prize. Your place of residence and where you bought the winning ticket may be disclosed, but your name, likeness, and all other information about you will not be made public if you wish. The Maryland Lottery may ask for a statement to release on your behalf, but you will not be expected to fulfil any other media obligations such as press conferences.


Where Does the Money Go?

Lottery games fall under the remit of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, which is also responsible for all other forms of licensed gaming in the state, including casinos and video lottery terminals. Around 60 percent of the revenue from lottery ticket sales is used to pay out prizes, with a further 27 percent transferred to funds to improve public services. Remaining revenue is used to cover costs and commissions. The table below shows how lottery revenue is split:

Area of Spending Percentage of Revenue Prizes 62.0% Transferred to General Fund 25.0% Retailer Commissions 7.5% Administration 3.4% Contributions to Maryland Stadium Authority 2.1%

After prizes, commissions, and costs have been paid, the majority of the revenue from lottery games is transferred to Maryland’s General Fund for the furtherance of public services in the state. This money is mainly spent in the education, healthcare, and public safety sectors, but some also goes towards social services and natural resources, as well as other smaller state programs. Since it was formed in 1973, the lottery has contributed over $15 billion to the state of Maryland.

A small portion of revenue is transferred to the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA), which was established in 1986 with the purpose of building and managing high-quality sporting facilities in the state. MSA has since branched out into a range of sectors, and has been involved in the construction and expansion of museums, parks, and convention centers. It is also part of the 21st Century School Buildings Program, which aims to provide new learning environments to public school students in Baltimore, and Project C.O.R.E, a program commissioned by the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development to regenerate Baltimore’s skyline and pave the way for new green spaces and affordable housing.

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Maryland Powerball Winners

The biggest-ever win in Maryland came on January 20, 2021, almost 10 years after the last jackpot was paid out in the Old Line State. The top prize had grown to $731 million following four months of rollovers, and it was another four months before the winners came forward. The ticket had been bought at Coney Market in Lonaconing, and a group known as The Power Pack eventually staked a claim. They chose the cash option of $546 million and declared that they would invest most of the money so they could take care of their families for decades to come.

Maryland’s two prior wins had both come in 2011. A couple who chose to remain anonymous landed a $128 million jackpot in December of that year, having bought their ticket on Christmas Eve from Wesley’s restaurant in Elkton, Cecil County. The winner said he had only dropped by to pick up a case of beer. “The Mega Millions jackpot was larger,” he said, “but the drawing for Powerball was that evening, so I bought two tickets for that drawing.” The couple found out that they had won the jackpot when they checked their numbers on Christmas Day, making it an unforgettable holiday for them.

Maryland also became the first state to have a winner of the Double Play jackpot. In September 2021, a player from the state won $10 million with a ticket bought at the Exxon gas station on Rockville Pike in Rockville. However, the Maryland Double Play winner failed to come forward in time to claim their prize.