How much are King Charles II’s Crown, Orb and Scepter worth and how much do they weigh?

How much are King Charles II’s Crown, Orb and Scepter worth and how much do they weigh?

The official coronation ceremony to crown King Charles III is approaching soon, which means we will see the St Edward Crown again.

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On May 6th, 2023, King Charles III will be crowned as the new monarch of the United Kingdom. The coronation ceremony, which will be held at Westminster Abbey, is a centuries-old tradition that has been observed for every British monarch since William the Conqueror in 1066.

Charles will wear the St Edward Crown and the Imperial State Crown during the ceremony.


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What is St Edward’s Crown?

St Edward’s Crown, or the imperial crown, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the British monarchy throughout the world. Without a doubt, it is the most important of the royal family. This singular piece of royal jewelry was created for the coronation of Charles II to replace the medieval crown cast in 1649, which is believed to have been made in the 11th century.

The crown weighs nearly 5 lbs (2.23kg) and is made of solid gold. It carries more than 400 gemstones, including six sapphires and 12 rubies, and is complete with a velvet cap and an ermine band.

Officially, the crown jewels are priceless, since they are not insured. However, if appraised, they would be estimated at almost $6 billion.

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King Charles’ crown

According to sources, the value of this crown is thought to be nearly £45 million ($57 million). With nearly two kilograms of gold used to construct the crown, their worth exceeds £116,000 ($145,000) today.

Like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles will be wearing both the St Edward Crown at his ceremony and Imperial State Crown, which is the crown worn by the monarch when leaving Westminster Abbey after the coronation.

The Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross

The Sovereign’s Sceptre has been used at every coronation since Charles II’s in 1661. The bejeweled golden wand weighs 3 pounds and has 333 diamonds, 31 rubies, 15 emeralds, seven sapphires, and other precious gemstones. Its greatest detail, though, is the Great Star of Africa, or the Cullinan I, which was gifted to King Edward VII for his birthday in 1905 by the government of the Transvaal in South Africa.

With a whopping 530.2 carats, Cullinan I is the largest clear-cut diamond in the world, worth an estimated $400 million. Considering the value of the gemstones, the scepter is possibly worth several million dollars more.

The Sovereign’s Orb

The sovereign’s orb is a hollow gold sphere with a band of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires dating back to 1661 as well. The orb is a symbol of the Christian world and the sovereign’s power, which is why the sovereign holds it in their right hand during the coronation.

When Charles I spent £1150 on the orb when he had it made in 1661. That’s nearly $290,000 in today’s money. Still, the orb itself would be worth much more due to its significance, history, and stones.

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