40+ Most Popular Rihanna Nicknames

40+ Most Popular Rihanna Nicknames

Rihanna has established herself as a talented Pop and R&B singer, a fashion designer, an actress, and a serial entrepreneur. Therefore, she is expected to have picked up a couple of good nicknames, funny nicknames, and some not-so-positive nicknames along the way.

This article sheds light on all the known Rihanna nicknames and even her fandom nickname.

First, we begin with Rihanna’s fandom nickname.

What are Rihanna fans called?

What is the Rihanna fandom called? – RihannaNavy


After Rihanna’s role as a Naval Officer in the 2012 movie Battleship, Rihanna started to call her fans the Navy, and the name has stuck ever since. Fans have, in turn, come up with nicknames for Rihanna.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s go, RihannaNavy!

Rihanna Nicknames

From the most frequently used nicknames to the not-so-popular ones, here are some of the most creative Rihanna nicknames of the last three decades:

  1. RiRi – Probably the most commonly used nickname from as far back as the start of her career.
  2. Ree – A simple and sweet nickname from RihannaNavy to their leader.
  3. Nana – An adorable nickname that one might consider a little too delicate for the wild soul that is Rihanna.
  4. Dior Doll/Dior Girl – The perfect nickname for the first black woman to be Dior’s spokesperson.
  5. The Dominatrix – A nickname from the 2011 track, Cockiness, off her “Talk That Talk” album, where a very feisty Rihanna affirms that “I can be your Dominatrix…”
  6. Princess of R&B – With her numerous funky and dancehall hit songs, Rihanna has definitely earned the title of being crowned the R&B Princess of the music industry.
  7. A Devil in Prada – From Rihanna’s Bad B*tch lyrics, where she reminds us all that she’s “…classy, seductive, a Devil in Prada yeah…”
  8. Caribbean Queen – The Island-born pop star has always proudly associated herself with her roots and heritage, and this nickname is definitely befitting.
  9. Barbados Babe – Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and raised in Bridgetown, the capital city of the Caribbean Island. The Popstar has always identified with her Barbadian background and even has a street named after her – Rihanna Drive.
  10. Great Queen – From the interpretation of the Irish name Rihanna, which is said to mean “Great Queen.”
  11. Fenty – After Rihanna started her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, her last name Fenty grew even more popular, and her fans frequently address her by Fenty now.
  12. Miss Combermere – A title that Rihanna earned as a teenager after winning her High school beauty pageant in 2004.
  13. Million Dollar Legs – After Rihanna was awarded Gillette’s Venus Breeze Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award back in 2007, she decided to insure her legs for a whopping sum of 1 million dollars.
  14. Tip – A nickname from the character played by Rihanna in the 2015 DreamWorks Animated movie “Home.”
  15. Rebel Flower – A nickname that Rihanna’s grandmother reportedly called her during her younger years in Barbados. The nickname Rebel Flower is also said to have inspired the sweet floral-scented perfume – Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna.
  16. Island Girl – Rihanna is known to have been raised in Barbados, a relatively small Caribbean Island, hence this nickname.
  17. Digital Queen – Rihanna has been nicknamed the Digital Download Queen as a result of her voluminous online sales ever since she launched her career back in 2005, with over 47 million online sales/downloads as of 2011.
  18. Disco Diva – A nickname from her hit single, “Who’s that Chick?”, where she describes herself as “…a mean and crazy dita, a disco diva…”.
  19. Moon Goddess – From the character played by Rihanna during her cameo appearance in the 2014 movie Annie.
  20. Cruella – A nickname from Rihanna’s Bad B*tch track, where she emphasizes her “bad girl” title as she calls herself “Cruella.”
  21. PaRih – A nickname from that time in 2016 when Rihanna posted a video of herself in Paris for the Fashion week and renamed the City of Love PaRih.
  22. BadGalRiRi – Safe to say that this is probably everyone’s favorite nickname of Rihanna.
  23. Eight Ball – A character played by Rihanna in the 2018 film” Ocean’s Eight.”
  24. Rih-Rih – A popular nickname that even Rap superstar Nicki Minaj once referred to Rihanna as.
  25. Re-Anna – A nickname that grew quite popular after a majority of Rihanna’s fans realized they’d been pronouncing her stage name all wrong for too long. “It is ‘Ree-Anna’ not ‘Ree-Ah-Na,’ she confirmed in an interview.
  26. Cora – A nickname from the character played by Rihanna in the 2012 movie Battleship.
  27. Princess of Pop – Rihanna has, over the years, earned recognition for her electrifying and groovy pop music, and of course, we’re all in agreement with this title.
  28. Medusa – From her Bad B*tch track, where she refers to herself as the Greek Mythology Goddess, Medusa.
  29. The-Best-Smelling-One – A rather flattering nickname for Rihanna after a good number of celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Lil Nas X, Jim Parsons, Olly Alexander, Nick Jonas, Jennifer Lawrence, and even Cardi B, all confirmed that Rihanna smells like “Heaven,” “A dessert” and even “Marshmallows.”
  30. The Bajan Beauty – A befitting nickname for a pretty face with Bajan roots like Rihanna.
  31. Sweet Basil – From the interpretation of her Arabic name, which is said to mean “sweet basil.”
  32. Black Madonna – Rihanna has, on numerous occasions, mentioned how Madonna had always been her idol, and in an interview in 2007, she said, “I want to be the black Madonna.”
  33. Marion – From her character in the American Drama series, Bates Motel where Rihanna played the role of Marion Crane, a young woman in a real estate firm.
  34. Rude Gal Riri – Culled from her 2009 hit single “Rude Boy,” where she sings about a rude boy in a not-so-polite manner.
  35. Ray-Hanna – A nickname for the ray of sunshine that is Rihanna.
  36. Rockstar – A nickname picked from the lyrics of her 2010 track “Rockstar 101”, where she reminds us that she’s a “rockstar.”
  37. Jamaica Princess – A popular nickname as a result of her love for dreadlocks and that one-time Jamaicans tried to steal her from her Barbadian roots with a #RihannaIsJamaican hashtag that trended on Twitter in October 2019.
  38. Bad Bitch – Needless to say, there’s never been a more vocal, self-acclaimed “Bad B*tch” like Rihanna.
  39. Barbadian Beauty – Rihanna has always represented her hometown, especially in her choice of fashion.
  40. Rihanna Reign – A nickname for a Queen that could never be dethroned.
  41. Bubble – From the character played by Rihanna in the 2017 movie, Valerian.
  42. Rhenna – A nickname created by Rihanna’s most loyal followers – The Navy
  43. Aunty Oh NaNa – Rihanna’s caption to a post in which she was pictured cuddling Justin Joshua, her friend Jennifer Rosales and her husband, Aaron Davis, baby.
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So, there you have it – an extensive list of nicknames for Robyn Rihanna Fenty!

Do you know of any other nicknames for Rihanna that are not on our list? Be a darling and share them with us in the comments section below!