Savannah Bananas are coming to Baton Rouge

Savannah Bananas are coming to Baton Rouge
Video savannah bananas baton rouge 2024

Are you ready, Baton Rouge? The Savannah Bananas are coming to town! If you haven’t already heard the exciting news, the Savannah Bananas, known for their zany antics and hilarious baseball performances, are making their only collegiate venue appearance in Baton Rouge. From March 14 to March 16, 2024, the Alex Box Stadium, Skip Bertman Field, will transform into a banana-filled baseball extravaganza. Get ready for a weekend of baseball like you’ve never seen before!

About the Savannah Bananas

The Savannah Bananas are not your average baseball team. They’re a spectacle, an experience, and an absolute must-see for any baseball enthusiast. Founded in 2016, the Bananas quickly gained a reputation for their quirky team culture, which includes dancing players, a “Banana Nanas” senior dance team, and even a mascot named Split.

Fun Facts About the Savannah Bananas

  1. Unique Dress Code: The Bananas are known for their unconventional baseball uniforms. Instead of traditional jerseys, players sport kilts, tuxedos, and even astronaut suits. Get ready to see some wild outfits in Baton Rouge!
  2. SOLD OUT Streak: The Bananas have a remarkable track record of selling out their home games. If you get into the ticket lottery, you’re one of the lucky few! The games in Baton Rouge will surely sell out!
  3. More Than Baseball: The Bananas are not just about the game; they’re about entertainment. Expect a night filled with dance-offs, wacky promotions, and fan engagement that goes beyond the ballpark’s boundaries.

What to Expect in Baton Rouge

The arrival of the Savannah Bananas in Baton Rouge promises an unforgettable experience for baseball fans and newcomers alike. Here’s what you can look forward to during their visit:

  1. High-Energy Baseball: The Bananas are known for their fast-paced, high-energy style of play. Expect thrilling action on the diamond with no shortage of excitement.
  2. Interactive Fun: From dancing to games between innings, the Bananas prioritize fan engagement. Get ready to be part of the action!
  3. Unique Entertainment: Prepare to be entertained both on and off the field. Whether it’s the quirky uniforms or the Banana Nanas’ dance routines, there’s always something happening.
  4. A Slice of History: Alex Box Stadium, Skip Bertman Field, is a historic venue in college baseball, and hosting the Bananas is a momentous occasion. Don’t miss your chance to witness this unique event in Baton Rouge.
  5. Community Spirit: The Bananas are not just about baseball; they’re about building a sense of community and bringing people together through America’s favorite pastime.
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How to purchase Savannah Bananas Tickets – The Lottery

The Savannah Bananas are known for their ticket lottery system, which adds an element of excitement to ticket buying. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the Lottery: For select games or special events, the Bananas may hold a ticket lottery. To enter, you’ll need to visit their website and look for information about the specific lottery event.
  2. Registration: Follow the instructions to register for the lottery. This usually involves providing your contact information and sometimes answering a trivia question or completing a fun task to enhance your chances.
  3. Wait for Results: After the lottery entry period closes, the Bananas will randomly select winners. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive an email notification with instructions on how to purchase tickets for the game.
  4. Purchase Your Tickets: Once you receive the notification, act quickly to purchase your tickets. Lotteries are highly competitive, and spots are limited.