The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest Guide
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Players can make plenty of meaningful choices in the universe of The Outer Worlds when it comes to decisions that will affect how your story plays out. One of these choices appears in the Long Distance quest for Obsidian’s newest RPG. The Long Distance quest will see players decide whether or not they want to turn in the one and only Phineas Welles to the Board. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the title’s Long Distance quest covered for you.

The Outer Worlds Long Distance Quest

This particular quest becomes available for players to tackle by speaking with Sophia Akande following your completion of The Demolished Woman quest. Players will also gain access to the Long Distance mission after completing The City and the Stars quest, where you steal the chemicals from Byzantium for Phineas Welles.

Long Distance will see Sophia ask you to plant a tracking signal at Phineas’ laboratory to help the Board capture him. If you decide to betray Welles, you will need to go and plant the tracking signal and then speak with Ada on your ship. Sophia will contact you and ask you to talk with her in person on Byzantium for the next step of The Outer Worlds Long Distance quest.

The Outer Worlds Long Distance

You will learn in this conversation with Sophia that the Emerald Vale plague is a result of malnutrition and that the research for the Diet Toothpaste was for this particular purpose too. Sophia will then tell you to wipe out all of Edgewater. Refusing to eliminate the community of Edgewater will result in Sophia and all of the other characters in the building you are at to become hostile towards you. Players will then gain access to the Foundation quest at this point in The Outer Worlds Long Distance mission.

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Finally, Sophia will tell you to speak with Percival for a reward and a nav key in the Signal Point in Space mission.

However, if you have taken a liking to Phineas Welles, you can betray Sophia and the Board. This can be achieved by speaking with Welles and telling him about the tracking signal. He will ask you to plant a false signal to help him buy time to escape. The Outer Worlds character of Sophia will not know you planted a wrong signal, and you will still be able to speak with her on Byzantium in the Long Distance quest.

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Knowing the details of the Long Distance quest in The Outer Worlds will help decide how to proceed in one of the game’s main story missions. Let us know which decision you made over on Twitter and Facebook! Check out our dedicated coverage hub for The Outer Worlds for even more help in learning about the popular new game.