Does Simone Biles have pets?

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Simone Biles is one of the most talented gymnasts in the history of the sports. She has won 34 medals across her career in major competitions, including four gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals in the Olympics.

Several athletes and celebrities have pets and often post photos of them on social media sites. But does elite gymnast Simone Biles have pets?

Yes, Simone Biles has pets. She has two french Bulldogs. One is a female named Lilo and a male named Rambo. Biles has even created an Instagram account named @thebilesfrenchies for her pets. However, the former Olympic champion doesn’t post often on this account. She posts photos of her pets occasionally.

Lilo is four years old and Rambo is two. From the photos posted on the account, we can see Biles dressing up her dogs in a fashionable manner. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a photo was posted of one of her dogs watching her practice.

The photo was captioned with the words:

Cardboard cutouts of Rambo and Lilo were present in the arena when the young American star was competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

Lilo and Rambo’s Instagram account has around 81.4K followers and a total of 153 photos have been posted so far. Apart from these two pets, Biles grew up with four German shepherds during her childhood.

Simone Biles opens up about her pets Lilo and Rambo

In 2021, on an episode of My Pet Tale on TODAY, Simone Biles spoke about her pets Lilo and Rambo. She said that as soon as she walked inside the house after practice, her dogs would detect her mood.

The highly-decorated gymnast stated that whether her mood is good or bad, her pets are always there to cheer her up and make her laugh.

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She even claimed that Lilo is like an emotional support pet and wants to be happy. Biles described her other dog, Rambo, as more likely to make her laugh by doing something crazy. She further termed her pets as fur babies.

The 25-year-old added that the thing she loves about Frenchies (dog breeds) is their big personalities and the fact that each of them possesses a different character. She claimed that Rambo was a hyper-playful dog and Lilo was a grumpy one. She even termed Lilo a princess girl.

Simone Biles even revealed that she would take Lilo to family dinners over the weekend and Lilo would fit in with the German Shepherds present there with other family members.

According to their owner, Rambo is Lilo’s shadow and he copies whatever Lilo does. Also, Rambo plays with her fiancé’s dog (Zeus) and Lilo sits on the couch and watches what the other two dogs were doing.

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