“Mini Moon First”: Jonathan Owens’ NFL Plans Delay Simone Biles’ Childhood Honeymoon Dream

“Mini Moon First”: Jonathan Owens’ NFL Plans Delay Simone Biles’ Childhood Honeymoon Dream

As their big day gets closer, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are setting up everything for their perfect destination wedding. The athletes have often given sneak peeks of what their wedding might look like, thus getting fans hyped. Previously, Biles revealed pictures from her bridal shower and bachelorette party. But fans have now been curious about what’s next.

In a recent Q&A session on Instagram, the star gymnast invited questions about her life and her big day from fans. One of them wanted to know about the couple’s post-wedding plans. Where did Biles and Owens plan on going for their honeymoon? Let’s take a look at what the gymnast had to say.

Simone Biles revealed an unconventional post-wedding plan

Weddings often feature many days of celebration and festivities before and after the big day. For Biles, this pretty much covered her bachelorette, bridal shower, dress fitting, shopping, and more. However, fans had more questions about her wedding preparations, and what the gymnast planned after the big day.

From the number of kids the couple would want to honeymoon destination plans, Biles answered it all in the Q&A session. However, in the process, she revealed their unique honeymoon idea and where they finally planned on going. In an Instagram story, the gymnast revealed that they weren’t planning a full-fledged honeymoon after all!

Since football season is coming up soon, Biles and Owens decided to go for a shorter trip, or a “mini moon”, before they planned their main one. She then revealed the time and location – “so next year & Bora Bora”. Incidentally, Biles desired a honeymoon in Bora Bora for the longest time, according to her dream wedding idea from her book, Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance. Looks like the couple intends to have a nice tropical getaway!

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Apart from a tropical honeymoon, Biles also hinted at a different kind of wedding.

Where will the gymnast say her vows?

While the honeymoon destination is final and set, fans also wondered if the gymnast plans on a grand wedding in a different location. So far, Biles has traveled to Belize for her bachelorette and recently attended a friend’s wedding in Cabo, Mexico. And now, her big day might be no different!

A fan was curious about the couple’s choice of destination for their big day. Since both had their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Belize, the fan wondered if they’d have their wedding there too. While Biles didn’t reveal the final choice, she once did confirm, “we are having a destination wedding”.

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