Tom Brady has absolutely destroyed the Steelers throughout his career

Tom Brady has absolutely destroyed the Steelers throughout his career
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Tom Brady’s dominance against the Steelers can no longer be attributed to Patriots subterfuge. The all-time great has carved up many teams on the way to his seven Super Bowl rings over the last 22 years.

But he decimates few clubs more than the Steelers.

The Buccaneers are traveling to Pittsburgh Sunday in what will likely be Brady’s final career game in the Steel City. Upsetting Brady would be the perfect way to inject some life into this already lost season.

But history shows it probably won’t happen. The Steelers couldn’t stop Brady when they boasted one of the best defenses in the league. This underperforming unit doesn’t seem to stand a chance.

The numbers speak for themselves: 34 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 111.1 QB rating. Brady is 12-3 in his career against the Steelers, including the postseason.

Brady is 3-0 against the Steelers in AFC Championships: 2001, 2004 and 2016.

The 2004 AFC Championship symbolizes Brady’s longevity and excellence. At 15-1, the Steelers had an exceptional defense and a promising rookie at quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger, who was facing Brady in his fifth home start.

But the Patriots walked to a 41-27 victory. Now 18 years later, a rookie Kenny Pickett is facing Brady in his second career start.

Brady is 25-3 against rookie QBs, and has won 12 straight games against rookies dating back to 2014.

The Steelers didn’t meet Brady in the playoffs again until 2016, when the Patriots rocked them 36-17. Brady completed over 75 percent of his passes and threw for three touchdowns.

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That loss was especially embarrassing, because the Steelers provided the Patriots with prime bulletin board material. Following Pittsburgh’s win over the Chiefs in the Divisional Round, Antonio Brown live-streamed the locker room celebration, in which Mike Tomlin derided the Patriots as “a—holes.”

Those words weren’t very helpful.

Steelers HC Mike Tomlin on Patriots: “We spotted those assholes a day and a half…so be it. We’ll be ready for their ass.”

At 45 years old, Brady may be more beatable than ever. The Bucs are 3-2 and dealing with a myriad of injures, with Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Russell Gage and Cameron Brate all questionable. Brady is also dealing with a high-profile divorce with Gisele.

But the Steelers don’t have the personnel, or history, on their side.