1,000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton sparks concern after fans notice something ‘disturbing’ about her forehead

TAMMY Slaton has sparked concern after fans noticed something they labeled as disturbing about her forehead.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star has been in rehab for quite some time and recently shed over 100lbs, though it was something else that caught eyes of fans.

1,000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton sparked concern with fansCredit: TLC
Though she’s shedding weight, some noticed her forehead was ‘receding’ and called it ‘disturbing’Credit: Reddit / Instagram

Tammy was recently praised for “looking good” as the star shared selfies snapped from rehab to her now-deactivated Instagram Page.

In her signature style, she posted the photo without a caption as fans posted comments wishing her well and encouraging her to stick with her weight loss journey.

One fan wrote: “Hey, Tammy! I pray you are doing well. You are looking better.”

However, the photo made its way to Reddit where some harsh critics spotted something peculiar happening, adding a blue arrow to it.

A thread was titled: “That hairline is getting impressive,” and saw some trolls cruelly note that her forehead looked “disturbing.”

“I recently watched an episode from season 1 and was like damn she actually had hair then!” one wrote.

“So true! She’s a mess…” another bashed.

Fans also recently noticed a toilet brush in the background of sister Amy Slaton’s house as her son Gage, two, was playing.

Earlier this week, eagle-eyed fans noticed a blurry tattoo on Tammy’s arm in a resurfaced clip and wondered what it was.

Aside from the speculation surrounding her tattoos and hairline, 1,000-Lb. Sisters fans have been praising Tammy for recently shedding 115lbs.

She had already lost that much in 30 days in rehab, after going to the facility because her lungs collapsed.

Her brother Chris Combs gave an update on her health in the season finale of the series earlier this year.

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He told the camera: “So she’s lost 100 – I think she told me 115lb in total in 30 days. I’m overjoyed that’s she’s ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks.”

This means Tammy could be at around 534 pounds now, and she is planning to stay in rehab for eight months.

Dr. Smith promised Tammy that if she’s able to dip under 500 pounds during her stay, he’ll arrange for her to come directly to him for weight-loss surgery when she leaves the facility.

Tammy often shares selfies from rehab, but fans have been begging her to ditch the “heavy filters” in her videos and photos.

In one of her latest, she put on a cartoon-like filter that gave her blue-green eyes and huge lashes.

Tammy was rushed to hospital one day after arriving at rehab because she couldn’t breathe, but thankfully her rehab stay is on track regardless of the odd things fans occasionally notice.

Fans have praised Tammy for her shedding 100 pounds in rehab, though some wish she’d ditch the filtersCredit: Tammy Slaton/Instagram
Eagle-eyed critics did also spot an interesting tattoo on the 1000-lb Sisters starCredit: TLC
Tammy’s rehab stay is ongoing as she continues to lose weight like sister Amy SlatonCredit: TLC