1000-Lb. Sisters’ Stars’ Heights: Find Out How Tall Tammy, Amy Slaton and More Are

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The stars of 1000-Lb. Sisters have been open about their fluctuating weight amid their health journeys, but many fans don’t know how tall the cast members are. Keep scrolling to find out the heights of Tammy Slaton, Amy Slaton and more.

How Tall Is ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton?

Tammy stands around 5-foot-9. Many TLC viewers have not seen exactly how tall she is because she is often seen sitting on the reality show and was previously in a wheelchair.

However, Tammy shocked fans when she revealed she’s seemingly out of her wheelchair in April 2023. In photos shared via her Instagram Stories on April 30, the TV personality stood on her own while posing with Amy and friends.

She began her reality TV career in January 2020 weighing 605-pounds, though reached her goal weight during season 4.

How Tall Is ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Amy Slaton?

Amy is a few inches shorter than her older sister and stands about 5-foot-4 tall.

Similar to Tammy, Amy has also dropped a significant amount of weight in the past few years. In October 2022, she revealed that she went from wearing a size 5XL to a regular XL since embarking on her weight loss journey.

What Is ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Michael Halterman’s Height?

Amy’s estranged husband Michael Halterman’s exact height has not been confirmed, though he appears to be a few inches taller than Amy based on photos shared via Instagram and his appearances on the show.

In March 2023, Michael filed for divorce after nearly four years of marriage. In the paperwork, he listed February 24, 2023, as the date of their separation and claimed that their marriage was irrevocably broken. He also asked the court for temporary joint custody of the former couple’s sons Gage and Glenn.

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In addition to requesting that both he and Amy attend a case management conference, Michael asked that the court enter and honor and civil restraining order. The request ensures that neither he or Amy are within 500 feet of each other or their respective properties.


Additionally, Michael asked the court to ensure that no public statements or social media posts are made about the divorce. He also requested that any communication between him and his estranged wife must be conducted via a court approved app.

What Is ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Caleb Willingham’s Height?

Tammy’s husband Caleb Willingham’s height is also unknown.

Caleb, who married Tammy in November 2022, is often seen sitting on the show, so it’s not clear if he is taller or shorter than his wife.