Giant Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Giant Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Giant Sugar Cookies

UPDATE: These are the sugar cookies Taylor Swift used for her Chai Sugar Cookies.

I’ve since made two recipes dedicated to those cookies you can find here: Taylor Swift’s Chai Sugar Cookies and Strawberry Chai Sugar Cookies!

You know what? You deserve a break. Seriously. It’s Saturday. Let’s take it easy.

I know… I know. You have that whole list of things to do. Sure, you need to get the car washed. Yes, there’s that thing about going to the pet store, and getting a present for your mother-in-law’s church friend’s niece. You’ve got a lot on your plate. I know. But… well what would happen, if for today, you kicked the list to the curb and kicked you feet up on the couch?

I’ll tell you what would happen. The car would stay dirty, the pet store would miss you, and your mother-in-law’s church friend’s niece would have one less present at her party. She’ll have enough presents. Go on… take a break.

Now… if you’re anything like me, you have a list and you can’t stand not to start crossing tasks off. Here’s my tip: make a new list. I’ll help. On our new list are these things: go to the farmer’s market and buy the prettiest cherries you can get your hands on, treat yourself to frozen yogurt, call that friend you’ve been meaning to call, watch at least three hours of a Law and Order marathon, and have two glasses of wine with dinner… dinner out.

See? Better list. It’s the list you should be working on this Saturday.

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Aaaaand, if you wanted to add the making of these sugar cookies to the list… forget about it. These can go on your Sunday to-do list. Yea. Sunday.

Giant Sugar Cookies

Giant Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are superb. Superb. Why? Their greatness is do, in part, to their giant size. Who doesn’t love a super giant cookie? There’s more cookie to love. Simple fact.

Also… I know I’ve been using this doily a lot lately. I’ll switch it up soon.

Here’s what you really want:

Taylor Swift’s Chai Sugar Cookies and Strawberry Chai Sugar Cookies!