Why is Taylor Swift accused by MAGA Christians of promoting witchcraft and satanism?

Taylor Swift, the popular pop star, has recently faced backlash from conservatives for her vocal support of progressive policies. One of her critics, Hank Kunneman, a MAGA supporter and self-proclaimed “prophet,” has accused Swift of being part of a conspiracy involving pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

In a Sunday sermon, Kunneman claimed that Swift promotes witchcraft and satanism and questioned why anyone would want to support her. Kunneman’s sermon was shared on social media and has received over 46,000 views. The reaction to his accusations has been mixed, with some defending Swift and others supporting Kunneman.

One user wrote: “Taylor Swift is the best role model for girls in America at this time,” while another said, “Taylor Swift is using her celebrity status to help people register to vote, and MAGA Christians are claiming that she’s using Satanic power over people going to her concerts.” Others criticized Kunneman, calling him a “false prophet” and stating that his behavior is not “Christlike.”

Some users were confused by the accusations of satanism, with one commenting: “Can’t they come up with anything new? Witchcraft is so 1700s and 1800s.” Another user sarcastically remarked, “Well I guess Satanic rituals are loving, kind, and sharing friendship bracelets,” referencing the accessories traded by fans at Swift’s concerts.

This is not the first time Swift has been accused of conspiracy

This is not the first time Swift has been accused of promoting satanism and witchcraft. In October, Kandiss Taylor, a former Republican Georgia governor candidate, claimed that Swift was “influencing innocent minds to be enticed with the dark side of spirituality.”

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These allegations were in response to an Instagram post by Swift where she thanked fans for their support during her Eras Tour concerts. Hank Kunneman is a senior pastor at the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska. He runs One Voice Ministries with his wife Brenda Kunneman.

The couple has a YouTube channel where they broadcast sermons to their 82,000 subscribers. Kunneman has previously accused local authorities in Georgia of working for the devil after former President Donald Trump was arrested there.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift‘s support of progressive policies has led to backlash from conservatives, including accusations of promoting witchcraft and satanism. While some defend Swift as a positive role model and advocate for her political activism, others support the claims made by Hank Kunneman. The controversy surrounding Swift’s political stance highlights the polarizing nature of today’s political climate.