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Video the secret life of drew brees

Even though he comes across as a clean cut and classy individual and prefers to moonlight as a respectable and honest person, Drew Brees has been hiding a dirty little secret from NFL fans for well over a decade now.

It is time we learn the true identity of Drew Christopher Brees.

Only eight quarterbacks in the entire history of the NFL have thrown for over 4,855 yards in a season.

Drew Brees has averaged that exact number for the 10 years he has played for the New Orleans Saints (2 of those seasons, 2015, 2013, he only played 15 games).

Only twenty-one quarterbacks have thrown 35 or more touchdowns in a season.

Drew Brees has averaged that exact number over the last 10 years.

There have been only 8 seasons in which a quarterback has thrown for over 5,000 yards.

Yes. You guessed it. Four of those belong to Drew Brees. He is the only one who has done it more than once (4 times total) and he had a three year streak of 5,000 or more yards.

Brees owns the second best passing season of all time (5,476 yards), just one yard behind Peyton Manning’s record (5,477 yards).

To top it all off, Brees has a ring after winning the only Super Bowl he has ever played in.

Even though his performance has been unmatched by anyone else over the last decade, Brees has never been rewarded the MVP award.

So why doesn’t anyone want you to know that Drew Brees is by far the most dominant quarterback of this decade?

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How is it that he could have the best season of any passer in 2015 and nobody even noticed?

Is it possible that the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL is tearing up the league every Sunday and we have all chosen to be oblivious?

Or are we simply intimidated that he shattered Marino’s recorded that stood for almost 2 1/2 decades?

Is the NFL afraid to acknowledge that they chose the wrong guys to promote their league?

Or is he just that good that none of us can believe it’s even possible?

Either way, it’s finally out there in the open and it’s time that the quiet family man from down south step out and let the world know that he’s been living a double life.

So when are we going to quit accepting the brainwashing of the powers that be and realize that Drew Brees is a…