Todd Gurley stops short of the end zone on purpose in final seconds and swings millions for sports bettors

Todd Gurley stops short of the end zone on purpose in final seconds and swings millions for sports bettors
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The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Green Bay Packers 29-27 on Sunday to move to 8-0 on the season, but thanks to a decision Todd Gurley made on his final touch of the game, not every person who was cheering on the Rams went home happy.

Before kickoff, the Rams were 7.5-point favorites over the Packers, meaning Los Angeles bettors needed the Rams to win by eight points or more in order to cash their ticket.

  • Todd Gurley stopped short of the end zone on his final play of the game on Sunday, securing the Rams 29-27 win over the Packers.
  • While Gurley’s move sealed the game for the Rams, it also came as a huge blow to some bettors, as his final score would have swung millions bet against the spread and on the total.
  • Bettors might be frustrated with Gurley, but he made the right decision and the right side won their bets.

The bet looked like a longshot for most of the game, with the Packers keeping things close and matching the Rams basically score-for-score in the second half.

When the Rams kicked a field goal to take a two-point lead with two minutes left, that Rams bet looked dead in the water — either the Rams would hold on for the two-point win, or Aaron Rodgers would pull off yet another last-minute comeback for the Packers.

But on the ensuing kickoff, Ty Montgomery fumbled deep in Packers territory, opening the door for a final score that could make Rams bettors winners, and ruin the day of anyone who had put money on the Packers.

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On third-and-10 with just a minute left, Gurley took the ball on a toss and ran for the first down, with a wide open lane inviting him into the end zone. But rather than score the bet-winning touchdown, Gurley stopped short, knowing that the Packers were out of timeouts and the Rams had already secured their eighth straight victory.

Not only were spread bets decided with Gurley’s decision, but the total on the game was in play as well.

Heading into the game, the total had settled at 58 points, with more than 80% of the money on the over according to the Action Network. Had Gurley scored on the final play, over bettors would have won their bet in dramatic fashion, but instead, Gurley stopped short and left their bets losers.

On Twitter, bettors on all sides of the action voiced their thanks, or horror, with Gurley’s decision.

Gurley didn’t seem to mind the criticism though.

In the end, it’s hard to be mad at Gurley when he made the right play. Even though he could have swung bets the other way, the right side of both the spread and the total came out winners.

Even fantasy owners who might be screaming because they needed that touchdown to win their week can’t be that upset when he had already put up 33.5 fantasy points on the day.

The lesson, as always: gambling is a cruel mistress.