Missed Opportunities: How Hertz Car Rental Fumbles Tom Brady’s Commercial

Missed Opportunities: How Hertz Car Rental Fumbles Tom Brady’s Commercial
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When two iconic brands, Hertz Car Rental and Tom Brady, join forces for a commercial, one would expect an unforgettable connection that resonates with viewers. Unfortunately, Hertz missed the mark with their latest ad featuring the legendary quarterback and actress Yvonne Orji. While the commercial had potential, it failed to quickly establish a strong association between Hertz, Brady’s brand, on-field success, and his status as the best passer of all time. In this blog post, we’ll analyze the strategy behind the commercial and explain why it fell short in capturing the attention and connecting with the audience.

1. The Disconnect: Lack of Brand Alignment

The commercial opens with Brady expressing confusion and a hint of existential crisis, seemingly detached from his usual on-field persona. Although the intention may have been to create intrigue, it instead creates a disconnect between Brady’s identity and the car rental brand. The audience expects to see the Brady they know and admire—a champion, a leader. This initial misstep sets the tone for a commercial that fails to capitalize on Brady’s unique qualities and accomplishments.

2. Missed Opportunities: Lack of Emotional Connection

The interaction between Brady and Orji’s character revolves around the question of “Where do you want to go?” While the concept has potential, it fails to create a compelling emotional connection with the audience. The use of a spinning wheel to determine destinations feels disconnected from Brady’s personal journey and doesn’t effectively leverage his fame and name recognition. The commercial lacks the excitement and inspiration that viewers expect from a collaboration with a sports legend like Brady.

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3. A Better Approach: Leveraging Brady’s Athleticism

To truly captivate the audience and establish a strong connection, Hertz could have taken a different creative direction. Imagine a commercial where Brady, embodying his on-field persona, tosses the car keys to different Hertz customers. The scene would resemble a football play, with Brady shouting, “Go long!” or “Run a flag route!” as customers catch the keys. Each customer would drive a pattern based on their desired destination, showcasing the flexibility and convenience of Hertz rentals.

This concept not only highlights Brady’s athleticism and connection to the game but also engages viewers by making them a part of the action. It creates a sense of excitement, as customers become active participants in the commercial, catching the keys and embarking on their own unique journeys. This approach would have effectively tied Brady’s star power, Hertz’s services, and the joy of travel into a seamless, memorable experience.

In conclusion, Hertz Car Rental missed a golden opportunity to maximize their connection with viewers through their commercial featuring Tom Brady. The ad failed to quickly establish a strong association between Brady’s brand, his on-field success, and Hertz as a car rental service. By taking a more creative approach that leveraged Brady’s athleticism and involved customers in an interactive way, the commercial could have generated a deeper emotional connection and left a lasting impression on the audience.

As brands continue to collaborate with influential figures, it is crucial to align the messaging, visuals, and overall concept with the intended audience. By capturing the essence of a personality like Tom Brady and creating a commercial that resonates on both emotional and aspirational levels, brands can truly leverage the power of such partnerships to drive engagement and build a lasting brand connection.

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Ultimately, it is essential for brands to recognize and seize the opportunities available when working with renowned figures like Tom Brady. By doing so, they can elevate their marketing efforts, connect with audiences on a deeper level, and create commercials that leave a lasting impact.