LeBron James Admits How Tom Brady’s Retirement Decision Sent Him Into Serious Contemplation Mode

LeBron James Admits How Tom Brady’s Retirement Decision Sent Him Into Serious Contemplation Mode
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NBA superstar LeBron James is still performing at the highest level for the Los Angeles Lakers at 38. Despite being older than most players in the league, James is dominating his opponents. He has not let his age affect his game and pushing harder to win another title. Another athlete who defied his age and dominated his sport is NFL legend, Tom Brady. He led his team to an impressive Super Bowl win when he was 43. So it is no surprise the four-time NBA champion looks up to Brady. However, like most fans, Brady’s retirement struck him hard.

LeBron James on Tom Brady’s retirement

LeBron James recently sat down with ESPN‘s Michael Wilbon and talked about a variety of interesting topics. In one instance, James talked about playing at 38 and competing with superstars that are aged 15 or 16 years younger than him. The 19-time All-Star stated that he feels good both physically and mentally. Wilbon then noted James’ love for the NFL and asked him whether he speaks with Tom Brady since the two were trying to dominate their respective leagues despite their age. James noted that they speak with each other.

He then said that he told Brady that he was an inspiration to him. James said when Brady won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it inspired him to go further. However, when the seven-time NFL champion, first announced his retirement, he lost it. James said, “When he retired the first time I was like, ‘Man you just took a piece of me with you man. What are you doing?’”

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However, when Brady announced that he was coming back, James was excited and motivated. He added, “Then when he came back, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s all I needed.’ He gave me another push.”

The four-time NBA MVP admitted it looks like Brady has retired for good this time, however, he hoped the legendary quarterback would make another return to the gridiron.

The Lakers are struggling

During the conversation, LeBron James also stated that he still aspires to win the title. Similar to last season, James is having a massive year averaging 30 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game in 43 games. He has missed out on a few games due to injuries, however; he has been the most consistent player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The Lakers recently missed out on adding Kyrie Irving to their ranks who would have shared the scoring load with James. They are currently 25-29 and sit at the 13th spot in the Western Conference standings. If this continues, the Lakers are likely to miss out on a playoff spot for the second-straight season.

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