Tom Brady on almost falling off a cliff at Pebble Beach: ‘Happy I didn’t pay the price for that one’

Tom Brady on almost falling off a cliff at Pebble Beach: ‘Happy I didn’t pay the price for that one’

An errant shot during a 2014 Pro-Am at Pebble Beach put Tom Brady in a scary situation years ago, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Monday on the Let’s Go! podcast with Brady and Jim Gray.

According to Belichick, Brady’s competitive spirit trumped his sense of danger that day.

“If I could sum up Tom Brady in one picture, it would be on the 6th hole where he drove the ball to the right,” Belichick said. “It looked like it was going to be over the cliff when he teed off, you know, he was way to the right. And we get down there and he’s standing over the cliff. He’s like ‘I think I see it.’ And he takes his club down there and he climbs over the cliff. I can like only see from his shoulders up.”

Belichick said that were Brady to fall, it would have been about 200 feet down with rocks below.

“There’s no way he survives this fall,” Belichick said. “I’m looking at the greatest quarterback, out star quarterback, and Tom Brady is standing there on a goddamn ledge all off the ledge up the hill to the 6th green.

“I’m thinking to myself, this is Tom Brady. No. 1, super competitor, he’s trying to hit this impossible shot, comes pretty close to honestly dying and landing in the goddamn rocks 200 feet below. All in the name of competition and being the best that he can be.”

As he watched Brady return, Belichick had a suggestion that would have been quite a bit less dangerous.

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“I was like man,” Belichick said. “When I saw him climb over the hill back on there, I was like ‘just take the two-stroke penalty man … I’m telling you, I was never more worried about Tom physically than when I saw him standing on that ledge trying to hit, not trying, hitting that ball up to the sixth green at Pebble with like a 25 mile-an-hour wind too, just to make it interesting.”

Brady said that was one of the dumbest moves he’s ever made.

“I’ve done a lot of stupid [expletive],” Brady said. “I’m happy I didn’t pay the price for that one, because that would’ve been nasty.”