Giants: All the best memes of Tommy DeVito's agent from Packers game

Giants: All the best memes of Tommy DeVito's agent from Packers game
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There is a new hero in town for the New York Giants and he goes by the name of Tommy DeVito. He probably didn’t even need an introduction at this point, especially after the job he did on the field during Monday night’s 24-22 win over the Green Bay Packers at home.

Escaping the Tommy DeVito mania could prove to be something that’s impossible for people who are often online, as memes about the Giants quarterback continue to flood the timelines.

“This guy, the agent, may break the internet.””What the heck’s going on?””THEY HAVING KISSES EVERYWHERE.”

– Joe Buck and Troy Aikman having a lot of fun with Tommy DeVito’s agent.

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) December 12, 2023

Adding to the fun of it all is DeVito’s show-stealing agent, who dresses the way you’d actually picture someone who represents a player named Tommy DeVito. The internet simply can’t get enough of these two.

There is a 99% chance that there’s cutlets in Tommy Devito’s agent’s bag.

— Omaha Productions (@OmahaProd) December 12, 2023

Tommy DeVito’s agent looks exactly how I’d expect Tommy DeVito’s agent to look like

— Giants Daily (@NYGDaily) December 12, 2023

Tommy DeVito’s agent looks like if you gave an AI Image Generator this prompt:

“Tommy DeVito’s Agent”

— Rich Ohrnberger (@ohrnberger) December 12, 2023

They’re gonna make a movie about Tommy DeVito’s agent that’ll just be Timothée Chalamet dressing like Wonka again.

— Norm Charlatan (@normcharlatan) December 12, 2023

But it doesn’t stop there. Further fueling the DeVito fever is his distinctly Italian celebration.

  Viral picture of Tommy DeVito and his agent has NFL fans losing their minds - "Italian mafia written all over this"

“Everybody is doing it at this point. I don’t know,” the Giants rookie quarterback said of his celly (h/t Charlotte Carroll of The Athletic). “I’m cool with it. It’s just a vibe.”

But the real reason DeVito is enjoying such fame from is his play on the field. Against the Packers, DeVito went 17-for-21 for 158 passing yards and a touchdown. He also rushed 10 times for 71 yards. Moreover, he did not take any sack and also had zero turnovers. DeVito was the stable presence that the Giants needed, and he delivered for them. With their win over the Packers, the Giants are now on a three-game undefeated streak and are on the outside looking in of the playoff picture in the NFC.