Dave Portnoy brands Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce a ‘bizarre couple’ with ZERO ‘chemistry’ after megastar traveled to Kansas City to watch NFL player – amid rumors the two are dating

Dave Portnoy brands Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce a ‘bizarre couple’ with ZERO ‘chemistry’ after megastar traveled to Kansas City to watch NFL player – amid rumors the two are dating

Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy has taken aim at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce after the superstar attended a Kansas City Chiefs game to cheer on her suspected new beau.

She sent fans wild by wearing a Chiefs rain jacket and cheering in the stands with Kelce’s mother Donna, but Portnoy, 46, has branded the two as a ‘bizarre’ couple.

Footage of the pair after the game was posted online, with Kelce, 33, donning a suit apparently inspired by the singer’s 1989 album.

Taylor, also 33, smiled at a fan filming the pair and said hello before tight end Kelce drove them to a restaurant for dinner.

‘I can’t stop watching this. Just such a bizarre couple to me,’ said Portnoy. ‘Seems like zero chemistry but what do I know.’

Swift was seen screaming and cheering with Kelce’s mother, Donna, throughout the game at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City as they took on the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

After the game, Kelce was wearing a ‘1989 Bedroom Painting’ matching set piece – seemingly a nod to Swift’s 2014 album, which will get a ‘Taylor’s Version’ re-release on October 27.

Fans made signs for the rumored couple, with the coverage regularly showing the 12-time Grammy winner on the big screen.

But Portnoy wasn’t the only critic of the two dating, with the President of Barstool New York taking a swipe at Taylor herself – despite being a self-proclaimed ‘professional Swiftie.’

Kelly Keegs – who describes herself as ‘very sarcastic’ – called Kelce ‘gross’ in a tongue-in-cheek video, saying: ‘I cannot believe that Taylor is at this game, she loved all this corny b******t.’

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‘What am I going say? She’s at the game. He’s so gross. I have no interest in him,’ Keegs posted on social media.

She added: ‘She’s with Donna Kelce, everything about this I hate. But she seems to love it. I don’t know but she seems to love it. She’s having a good time.

‘What a betrayal for the Eagles. She’s an Eagles fan. She sings about the Eagle’s t-shirts in her songs, but she’s doing this?

‘I think she’s a little d***struck. You don’t betray your team and then go in a Chiefs jersey and jump up and down in a booth with his mom.

‘Despite how vile and so embarrassingly lame he seems, he must have the good d*** game so good for her.’

Despite the criticism, Kelce’s brother Jason – who got the pair in hot water by speculating about their relationship last week – waded into the debate.

Sharing Keegs video, the Philadelphia Eagles center said:’PREACH!!!! Go Birds!’ as a direct response to the footage.

Swift, who references an Eagles shirt hanging on her door in Gold Rush, was snapped wearing a grey sweatshirt with the Eagles logo emblazoned on it in June, along with a green cap.

She watched the 41-0 victory from the stands, and looked thrilled as her suspected new man was on top form.

While neither Swift nor Kelce have confirmed their romance, Kelce mentioned on The Pat McAfee Show how he got her to come to the game.

‘It’s life, baby. I threw it out there, I threw the ball in her court. I said, “I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead, you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead, and see which one’s a little more lit,”‘ Kelce explained.

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Swift accepted the offer, as she was seen in a suite with Kelce’s mother Donna, and she was even seen cleaning up the suite as well.

Footage of the pair leaving together in Kelce’s car quickly went viral, with a fan claiming that Taylor ‘paid for everybody at the restaurant so that they would leave’.

She said: ‘I just got a call from a friend and Taylor is going to a place, and she just paid for everybody at the restaurant so that they would leave…’

‘They were eating and the waitress came up and said, “Here’s the deal, everything is paid for but you have to have to leave, like right now.” How freaking insane is this! Oh and of course, she’s with Travis Kelce’.

Kelce revealed on his own podcast New Heights with his brother Jason Kelce, that he went to Swift’s show at Arrowhead Stadium and tried to slip her his phone number, to no avail.

The Chiefs welcomed their new star fan, too, and tweeted out ‘Welcome to Chiefs Kingdom, Taylor Swift’ next to a video of her cheering the team on.

Kelce has done little to play down the rumors, admitting that he invited her to watch him play – as she is on a break from the Eras Tour.

It was reported earlier this month that they had been ‘quietly hanging out,’ and then Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce – Travis’s older brother – admitted on the WIP Morning Show that he believed the news to be ‘100 percent true.’

‘I think things are going great and I think it’s 100 percent true,’ he said. ”I don’t really know a lot about what’s happening in Travis’s love life. You know, his business is his business and I try to stay out of that world.’

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Travis, who previously dated influencer and broadcaster Kayla Nicole, first tried to link up with Swift when her Eras tour came to Kansas City in the summer.

He revealed on his New Heights podcast with Jason that he attempted to give the songstress a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

‘So, I was a little butthurt that I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her,’ Travis said.

‘She doesn’t meet anybody — or at least she didn’t want to meet me. So, I took it personal.’

Jason jokingly guessed that Swift, who hails from Pennsylvania, refused to meet with Travis because of her known fondness for the Eagles.

The brother’s mother, Donna has a customized jersey and jacket that accommodates her joint Eagles-Chiefs fandom for her two sons.

She wore the former at Kansas City’s Super Bowl win over Philadelphia in February, and it has since been enshrined in the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.