What injury did Aaron Rodgers sustain and how long will he be injured for?

What injury did Aaron Rodgers sustain and how long will he be injured for?
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The 2023 season was set to be an exciting one for the New York Jets.

After the arrival of future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, there was hope amongst fans that the team could reach their first Super Bowl since 1969.

However, just four snaps into his regular season debut for the Jets against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, Rodgers picked up a serious injury which brought an abrupt end to his playing time in 2023.

Now head coach Robert Saleh has brought some positive news to Rodgers’ fitness and whether fans can expect to see him in a Jets uniform before the end of this season.

What injury did Aaron Rodgers sustain?

Aaron Rodgers sustained a torn Achilles tendon against the Buffalo Bills.

This major injury has since led to renewed calls from the NFL players’ union (NFLPA) to get rid of articificial turf pitches and instead play the sport only on grass.

Rodgers at the time of the injury was playing on newly installed artificial turf after the old turf at MetLife Stadium was branded one of the worst in the league.

How long will Aaron Rodgers be injured for?

The surgery for the injury took place on Wednesday and was successful.

When it comes to how long Aaron Rodgers will be injured for, the average time for an NFL player to recover from a torn achilles takes approximately 9-12 months.

Will Aaron Rodgers be fit to play in 2023?

After a pioneering surgery in September, many thought that Aaron Rodgers would not be practicing with the New York Jets until 2024.

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However, head coach Robert Saleh revealed on Wednesday that a 21-day practice window will begin for the four time MVP.

Whether this means he will still play for the Jets in 2023 is uncertain as Rodgers has only been cleared for functional activity and not contact.

The only likely scenario regarding whether Rodgers will suit up in 2023 is if the Jets are in playoff contention come the final weeks of the season.

Who will be quarterback for the New York Jets?

Following Aaron Rodgers’ injury, Zach Wilson took the offensive reigns and helped his team to a 22-16 win over the Bills.

Since then a number of names have been linked with the starting quarterback role in New Jersey, including the now retired Tom Brady.

However, Jets head coach Robert Saleh has come out and said Wilson will be the starting QB for the rest of the season despite mixed performances during the 2022 season.