Debunking the myth surrounding Cam Newton’s arm strength issues

Debunking the myth surrounding Cam Newton’s arm strength issues

With some continuing to speculate that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s arm strength is on the decline, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Tomorrow will be one of the greatest occasions in the 27-year history of the Carolina Panthers. There promises to be an incredible atmosphere at Bank of America Stadium when Cam Newton makes his first start since returning to the organization, which was a win-now move that could see the team go from also rans to surprise playoff contenders if the signal-caller inspires in a similar fashion to what we saw at the Arizona Cardinals.

Newton might not be the dynamic threat he was in his prime. But there is far more in the way of talent on offense for the signal-caller to utilize this time around.

Something that should work in his favor – starting this Sunday against the Washington Football Team and his former head coach Ron Rivera.

The player has been quick to state that he wants this to be more about the team itself than his own performance. Although that probably won’t come to fruition given Newton’s status, the former No. 1 overall selection does have a lot on the line in the coming weeks as he looks to prove there is still plenty of life regarding his glittering career.

One of the main complaints that many seem to get at where Newton is concerned would be his arm strength. The Auburn product has never been accurate compared to the elite quarterbacks operating across the league, but he didn’t need to be thanks to his exceptional ability to generate yards running the football.


This has taken a toll on Newton’s body. Shoulder and foot problems were the main reason why he was released by the Panthers in the first place and even though COVID-19 played a role in his demise with the New England Patriots, questionable arm strength came in for constant criticism from the Boston media – who never really took to the 2015 NFL MVP.

Newton has had a significant period of rest since his release before the season. So he should be fresh and ready to start proving his doubters wrong.

And who knows, Newton might just show beyond all doubt that these arm strength issues were nothing more than a myth and another slight on a player that gets more heat than most.