Tom Brady: How many times has he lost the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady: How many times has he lost the Super Bowl?

Since he debuted in 2000, Tom Brady has been in forging a brilliant career that places him not only in the purest elite of the NFL, but of the sport in general, since his achievements have been monumental, to the point of demonstrating that he is a one-team player, because in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he managed to win Super Bowl yet again. And now we are on the midst of his long rumored retirement.

But it hasn’t been all victories and cheering for Brady, as for as many times he’s been to the Super Bowl, he hasn’t always managed to bring the championship home. In 2000, New England had a dream season and reached the Super Bowl, where they faced the Rams, who were favorites but the Patriots ended up winning 20-14. The striking thing is that in 2003 and 2004, Brady repeated the dose and commanded the victories against the Panthers (32-29) and the Eagles (24-21).

Until that moment, Brady seemed unstoppable. In 2007 he dreamed of winning his fourth ring, as he prepared to go against the Giants but ended up losing 17-14. This ignited a bitter rivalry that lasted until 2011 when he returned to fight for the championship in a rematch against Eli Manning‘s New York Giants, although the result was the same (21-17).

The opportunity to redeem himself came in 2014 and 2016, first against the Seahawks (28-24) and then the Falcons (34-28). Just when everyone thought he would have his third straight win in 2017, the Eagles put a stop to it and handed him his third loss (41-33) in the Super Bowl. However, in 2018, Brady won his sixth ring by beating the Rams (13-3).

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Tom Brady’s Super Bowl History

In short, Tom Brady has lost 3 of his impressive 7 Super Bowl games. Let’s take a look at his history in the NFLs biggest game.

  • 2001 | Super Bowl XXXVI | Patriots 20-17 Rams
  • 2003 | Super Bowl XXXVIII | Patriots 32-29 Panthers
  • 2004 | Super Bowl XXXIX | Patriots 24-21 Eagles
  • 2007 | Super Bowl XLII | Patriots 14-17 Giants
  • 2011 | Super Bowl XLVI | Patriots 17-21 Giants
  • 2014 | Super Bowl XLIX | Patriots 28-24 Seahawks
  • 2016 | Super Bowl LI | Patriots 34-28 Falcons
  • 2017 | Super Bowl LII | Patriots 41-33 Eagles
  • 2018 | Super Bowl LIII | Patriots 13-3 Rams
  • 2021 | Super Bowl LV | Buccaneers vs Chiefs