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NORMAN, Okla. – As a former five-star recruit, Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is one of the most high-profile transfers in the country.

Murray didn’t disappoint in his Sooner debut, either, accounting for three touchdowns Saturday in Oklahoma’s annual red-white spring game.

Following the spring game, Murray took a few minutes to chat with He declined to discuss his brief tenure at Texas A&M, or why he left College Station. But he did delve into why he chose Oklahoma as his transfer destination as well as his relationship with Sooner starting quarterback Baker Mayfield:

You could’ve gone to a number of places. Why did you choose to transfer to Oklahoma?

Murray: It was a no-brainer for me with Coach (Bob) Stoops, Coach Lincoln (Riley). Just the trust I had in them, the stability here. Coach Linc is one of, if not the best OC in the country. Then you look at the guys around you that you’re playing with. We have all the talent in the world here. Add that with Coach Schmitty (strength coach Jerry Schmidt) in the weight room and it doesn’t get much better. Playing in a city like Norman, where it’s all about Oklahoma football. A no-brainer for me.

Oklahoma recruited you pretty hard the first time around out of high school. What was different this time?

Murray: I took my official [visit] here. Coach (Josh Huepel) was the (offensive coordinator), which was different. Coach Riley came in and we hit it off, but it was so late. (Heupel and I), we’d always had contact, but he got fired, then (Riley) came in and it was a late process deal. I couldn’t make that decision.

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What is your relationship with Baker like?

Murray: Me and Bake hit it off, we’re pretty tight. He’s accepted me and has kinda taken me under his wing. I’ve learned a lot from him. I don’t give respect (right away) to a lot of guys but he’s definitely one I do respect. Leader on and off the field. Learning from him, soaking it all up, it can’t get much better than that.

Do you think having to sit out this season (due to transfer rules) and getting the chance to learn from Baker and Riley and Bob Stoops will ultimately help you when it’s time for you to compete for the job?

Murray: Yessir. We have all the weapons here needed. Great defense, great offense, great, great talent. You add that with Coach Lincoln, just the fluidity of the offense. I think when my time comes we’ll be ready. (It’ll) be my second year learning under Coach Linc and Bake, and (I’ll have the year) gelling with the guys.

You’ve been in another quarterback room obviously at Texas A&M. What is the quarterback room like at OU?

Murray: We all connect well. Those are my friends, they’ve accepted me from Day 1. Talk on and off the field. It’s a very relaxed room. When we’re watching film, Coach Linc is going to coach us up, but we have those moments where we’re goofing off. So it’s a fun room.

Which quarterback do you look up to?

Murray: I’m a Tom Brady guy to the fullest. I love the way he manages the game, his mindset. He always works with less. He doesn’t always have the best receivers, but he’s going to make it work. Also (I look up to) guys like Cam (Newton), Russell (Wilson), those caliber guys. The way they make plays. They’re on top of the game.

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You haven’t been in Norman very long, but do you have a favorite local place to eat at yet?

Murray: I like The Garage. I get the Egg-O-Nater, with Sriracha sauce and bacon.